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Xingpai pool table. On November 20, 2018, the CBSA Chinese Billiards my country Challenge was held in Duyun City, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. The snooker master Wang Zepeng, who played in the Chinese billiards game for the first time, experienced first-hand losses and then wins in today’s double-loss match, saving himself a chance for promotion from the losing team.

Since there is no Chinese billiards ranking, Wang Zepeng wants to play outside the game from this website. As a result, in the first side game, the snooker general was easily promoted and selected for the main match.

In the double loss of the main match, Wang Zepeng lost 2-7 in the first round. The Chinese billiard master Wan Tongle had a first taste of the defeat. In the losing game held at night, he dealt with local contestants Huang Zhengzhu and Wang Zepeng. The enemy saved himself a chance for promotion from the defeated department.

Wang Zepeng ranked 25th in my country’s post-snooker billiards series. He was shocked in the snooker game and told reporters that he is still a “primary and middle school student” in terms of Chinese billiards.

“This is the first time I signed up for a Chinese billiards event.” Wang Zepeng said in an interview after the game, “Nowadays, the development trend of Chinese billiards is very good, so I also want to participate in it and feel it.”

After personally experiencing a one-day double match, Wang Zepeng gradually has his own understanding of Chinese billiards. “The big difference between Chinese billiards and snooker billiards means the conception. In addition, the natural environment of the playing field is also different.”

“At the beginning, I thought about the problems too complicatedly, which increased the difficulty of the game.” Wang Zepeng said, this comes from his lack of mastery of Chinese billiards. “After that, I observed the enemy’s gameplay, figured out his tricks, and then carried out a purposeful defense against the enemy’s characteristics, and gradually came to the road.”

Wang Zepeng, who turned defeat into victory, wrote himself in the promotion round roster of the losing team. According to the schedule, at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon, he will meet Liu Xin who defeated Li Tiegang in the qualifying round of the team. If he can win this tournament, he will be promoted to the top 32 in his Chinese billiard debut.

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