Chinese World Championships: The domestic group is assembled, the famous players are all out. Wu Zhenyu takes the last train to advance

In the middle of the night on March 17, the 2019 “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiard World Championships will finally generate all 24 qualifying places after three days of fierce battle. In the second side game, many good players were unfortunately lost. In the end, 12 people headed by Wu Zhenyu and Meng Fanyu were assembled with a large team, and the domestic players were completely released.

The first out-of-conference match was unpopular, and a large number of top players suffered Waterloo. Therefore, the number of strong dialogues in the second out-of-conference match remained high. The results of some of the first rounds that took the lead on the evening of the 16th finally returned to normal. Except for a few defeats such as veteran Wang Yan and Jing Yao, the rest of the popular players passed the competition smoothly. Among them, Zhang Kunpeng, Dai Yong and other celebrities all achieved hearty big To win, only Abulajiang was still in the adaptation stage, fighting hard for more than three hours before winning 7-5 with difficulty.

In the second round in the morning, a large number of masters began to lose out in turns. Dai Yong lost to college golfer Sunier 4-7, ending the trip to the World Championships ahead of schedule, and missed the World Championships for the first time. Yu Longhai also lost to Xu Haobo 4-7 after a 4-4 draw in the first half, who had risen to fame by defeating Zhang Kunpeng 7-6 on the first day. And a group of well-known players including Li Tiegang, Wen Tiejun, Ma Haitao, Zhang Daowei, Chao Lumen, Zheng Xiaohuai and others have also lost to their opponents and regretted going home. Miller, the unpopular creator of the two games on the first day, gave another surprise today, defeating Chen Qiang 7-4 after contributing two shots. In yesterday’s match, Miller and Chen Qiang met in the third round, losing 4-7 to their opponents. Otherwise, it is very likely that they would qualify for the race on the first day. Today, starting from the beginning and finally succeeding in revenge. Subsequently, Qiu Paomou and Abulajiang who played in this period were also eliminated one after another.

The third round of the men’s qualifying round started at the same time in the afternoon. Zhang Guanghao, who has been in the battle for a long time, lost to Wu Zhenyu 2-7, but the overall performance in this tournament is already showing signs of recovery. In this round, Zhang Kunpeng, Gong Haifeng, Liu Yang, and Qin Liwen were out at the same time. They lost to Zhang Lei, Chen Zhigang, Xi Hongyu and Wang Peng in four heavyweight dialogues. The fierce competition in this World Championship can be imagined.

Compared with the previous round, the lineup of the promotion battle was even thinner. Wu Zhenyu defeated the little dark horse Shen Shenyi, and Xu Haobo, who defeated many good players in two consecutive days, finally got what he wanted to advance to the race, while Chen Zhigang showed his consistent resilience. , And finally advanced into the race at the last minute. In addition, Wang Peng finally swept away the unfavorable haze of the first round in the second side game, and the promotion round withstood the pressure and defeated Li Bo to break through. The remaining three promotion places belong to Chen Shuangyou, Fang Guoming and Meng Fanyu respectively.

In the women’s part, the former World Championship runner-up Yu Jinpeng lost to Xia Yuying early, but after that Xia Yuying also suffered a 4-0 lead by the young player Zhang Muyan, who finally managed to break into the main game stage. Jiang Teng, who has always kept a low profile on the Chinese stage, defeated the white pigeon 5-1, which was surprising. Then he defeated his strong rival Qu Aijia 5-2 and qualified. The best performer today is Gao Meng, who almost qualified for the promotion yesterday. She made a comeback today and advanced into the main race with three overwhelming victories, including two 5-0 sweeps. The competition for the last promotion spot was twists and turns. Xia Feizhu, who was once 0-2 behind, chased the score to 3-3. At the critical moment, No. 8 made a serious mistake, and hopes of comeback fell through. Li Mengfan became the last player to qualify 5-3. .

The following is the list of advancements in the side-games:

First round

Men: Rouzi Maimaiti, Dong Yi, Zheng Peng, Wang Pan, Yu Haitao, Wu Hao, Xi Shouxin, Liu Junyan

Women: Yang Ye, Zhang Xiaotong, Yu Hong, Jing Siya, Li Mengfan

second round

Men: Wu Zhenyu, Jin Jun, Xu Haobo, Chen Shuangyou, Wang Peng, Fang Guoming, Meng Fanyu, Chen Zhigang

Women: Gao Meng, Jiang Teng, Zhang Muyan

Starting on the morning of the 18th, the international tournament will start. Nearly 300 players from dozens of countries around the world will participate in it, setting a new high. Among them, there are many top players in the American billiards world. There are still quite a few cross-border performances this time. Watch more. You can watch the live broadcast of the match through “China Sports”

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