The World Games Xu Si Han Yu got off to a good start, Wu Jiaqing was reversed

The 2017 World Games has started in Wroclaw, a city in southwestern Poland. In the billiards event, the Chinese team’s Xu Si and Han Yu both ushered in a beautiful start, while Wu Jiaqing wasted three match points and was tragically eliminated by the host player.


The Chinese team for the billiards of the World Games is led by Wang Tao, Minister of Sports Department 3 of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, Secretary-General of the Chinese Billiards Association, and Liu Chunsheng, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Billiards Association. The four players in the competition are Chen Siming, No. 1 in the world in American billiards, Han Yu, No. 1 in CBSA American billiards, Wu Jiaqing, No. 1 in CBSA American billiards, and Xu Si, the IBSF World Youth Championship last year. National team coach Shi Ming accompanied the team to Poland.

The Chinese team took off from Beijing Capital Airport at 2:30 a.m. on the 23rd, Beijing time. After nearly 10 hours of flight, it arrived at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. After staying for six hours, they took a Lufthansa plane to Wroclaw, Poland.

The opening ceremony was held on the morning of the 26th local time. Participating sports teams from various countries and regions appeared in sequence, and Han Yu entered the stadium with a placard for the Chinese team.

Next, the billiards event will start the first game day competition. Xu Si, who was shortlisted for the snooker event with the title of the IBSF World Youth Championship last year, had an eye-catching performance and swept Pakistan’s Mohammad Bilal 3-0. During the second game, he scored 51 points in a single stroke. In the quarter-finals, Xu Si will face Polish player Kacper Filipiak, who eliminated the previous champion Mehta from India 3-1 in the match of the day.

Captain Carter scored 136 points and swept Australian player Sean Dalits 3-0. Both Xu Si and Carter are in the upper half, which means that if they both win another game, the two sides will meet each other in the semifinals.

8-ball and 9-goal double world champion Wu Jiaqing played inextricably with host Polish player Mieszko Fortuński. After Wu Jiaqing took the lead in the match point 10-8, he missed many opportunities and lost three consecutive games 10-11 and was reversed and stopped in the first round.

Austrian star Albin Oschun swept Moroccan player Ameur Riad 11-1 and met Japanese player Naoyuki Oi in the second round. The latter eliminated American player Brandon Schaff 11-9 in the first round.

In terms of women’s 9-ball, two-time women’s 9-ball world champion Han Yu swept Nicaragua’s Karen Garcia 9-0 and met the host Polish women’s Oliwia Czupryńska in the top 8.

South Korea’s “Little Witch” Kim Jiaying eliminated American Monica Webber 9-2, and she will face Japan’s Chihiro Kawara.

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