Ding Junhui loses to Donaldson 0-4 in the Grand Prix, and his opponent kills three times in 13 days

On February 4, 2020, the Snooker Grand Prix was held again in Cheltenham. Ding Junhui suffered a 0-4 defeat in the “triple battle” with Donaldson, and suffered 3 consecutive killings by the enemy in 3 consecutive matches within 13 days. Liang Wenbo defeated Allen 4-2 and will donate at least 7,500 euros to Huizhou. Liang Wenbo’s enemy in the second round is his friend O’Sullivan.

Ding Junhui entered the “triple battle” with Donaldson. In the previous European Championship and the French Championship, Ding Junhui defeated the enemy 2-5 and 4-5 successively. Regrettably, Ding Junhui, who rushed to Cheltenham, still did not find the touch. After losing the first two rounds in the defensive attrition battle, Ding Junhui’s lead in the third round was cleared and tied by the enemy and lost. In the black stage, 0-3 fell behind. In the 4th game, Donaldson scored 81 points immediately after the entry, which was the only 50+ in this game. In the end, Donaldson defeated Ding Junhui 4-0 and won a three-game winning streak against Ding Junhui in three consecutive matches within 13 days; and Ding Junhui won only one of the five matches in 2020.

Liang Wenbo lost 1 and then won 3 games in a row. He scored the match point 3-1 and had a 105-point break in the 4th game. His enemy Allen then saved a match point with a high score of 130 points, but Liang Wenbo still ended the match with a 62 points in the 6th inning, defeating Allen 4-2. Before the competition, Liang Wenbo promised to donate all the rewards of the Global Challenge to Huizhou City to purchase protective masks and other anti-epidemic items. After winning the first round, Liang Wenbo will donate at least 7,500 euros. In the 1/8 finals, Liang Wenbo will challenge his friend O’Sullivan.

Li Xing is the third Chinese football player to play in the second UEFA Champions League, but he failed to resist the current world number one

Other events. Robertson scored 4 50+ and beat Holt 4-3. Joe Perry scored the match point 3-0 in the match with Cardi, and finally won 4-2. Celtic was able to beat Tachaia 4-3 with a score of 134 and 50+ in the whole game. Murphy had a continuous 4 shots of 50+ in the 2-5 innings, but still lost to Stevens in the decisive game, and was eliminated by a 3-4 upset.

4th (1/16 finals) result

J. Perry 4-2 A. Carter, Ding Junhui 0-4 S. Donaldson, N. Robertson 4-3 M. Holt, G. Dort 4-1 K. Ma Fulin, J. Trump 4-1

Li Xing, M. Allen 2-4 Liang Wenbo, T. Unu 3-4 M. Celtic, S. Murphy 3-4 M. Stevens

5th (1/16 finals+1/8 finals) schedule

21: 00

J. Higgins VS S. Bingham, Yan Bingtao VS Zhao Xintong

no earlier than 22:00

K. Wilson VS J. Lisowski, M. Williams VS B. Hawkins


Xiao Guodong VS G. Dort, R. O’Sullivan VS Liang Wenbo

no earlier than 4:00

M. Celtic VS T. Ford, G. Wilson VS M. Stevens

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