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Xingpai Billiard Equipment Factory was established, and Xingpai set sail.

Xingpai helped the 11th Beijing Asian Games and sponsored a major Asian event for the first time.
In December, the “Xingpai” billiard table passed the appraisal of the National Sports Commission and was approved as a national game table.

In 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016, “Xingpai” was rated as Beijing Famous Trademark for nine consecutive years.
Xingpai sponsored the Chinese team to participate in the World Billiards Team Competition held in Thailand, and entered the top 20 under the leadership of the chairman of Xingpai.

The Xingpai billiard table became an Asian-level game table.
Xingpai began its export business, and professional-grade game tables made in China began to go to the world. The first batch of billiard tables were sent to Russia.

The World Professional Billiards Federation and the Chinese Billiards Association have determined that the Xingpai billiard table is the table for international professional games held in China.
Xingpai and Beijing No. 40 Middle School jointly established China’s first billiard school.

Xingpai was awarded as an excellent enterprise for technological transformation and technology introduction in the “Eighth Five-Year Plan” of Beijing’s industry.
Xingpai and Beijing Sport University jointly established the billiards major.

In the “Cage Cup” international professional billiards star challenge held in Beijing, James Wattana scored a perfect score of 147 points on the star billiard table. This was the first 147 in the world professional billiards game outside of the UK.

Xingpai billiard table is the first billiard company to pass the ISO9001 international quality system certification and requires itself with international quality.
The World No. 8 Billiards Federation and the Chinese Billiards Association designated the Xingpai billiard table as the No. 8 game table.


On February 23, Xingpai billiards table took the lead in passing the ISO14001 environmental management system certification among billiard companies.
The World Professional Billiards Federation recognized the Xingpai billiard table as the table for the World Snooker Challenge held in China.

Ding Junhui joined Xingpai and won the championship at the China Open in April of the same year.
Pan Xiaoting joined Xingpai and won many championships in the World Series.

The National Sports Conference designated the Xingpai billiard table as the game table.
In September, the British League Cup designated the star pool table as the designated table.
“Xingpai” won the third Beijing Top Ten Influential Brands.

In February, Xingpai obtained the billiard table inspection and approval certificate issued by WPBSA (this is to certify that Xingpai has passed the inspection of WPBSA World Billiards Association and that Xingpai pool tables meet the parameter standards of the World Snooker Game and British Table Game), It is qualified to use all the world’s high-end professional billiards tournaments, thus ending the history of the World Professional Taiwan Federation that only used a British brand table for 35 years.
The world billiards emperor Stephen Hendry signed with Xingpai and became the spokesperson of Xingpai pool table.
Since 2007, the Xingpai pool table has become the official designated table for the World Snooker China Open.
Since 2007, the Xingpai pool table has become the official designated table for the World Snooker Shanghai Masters.
The Xingpai pool table became the designated table for the China Professional Snooker Tour (4 stations in total).
The Euro-Asia Billiard Masters Challenge was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the star pool table became the designated table.

Xingpai is required by the National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to formulate the national standard of “Billiard Table” as the technical leader.
Xingpai signed with China’s potential rookie Tian Pengfei. Xingpai has worked hard to support young Chinese billiard players and promote the development of Chinese billiards.
Mr. Gan Liantong, chairman of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., is honorably serving as the torchbearer of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games.
Xingpai signed the world billiard players Arist Carter, Joe Perry, and Fu Jiajun.

Xingpai has become a comprehensive strategic partner with the World Professional Snooker Billiards Association, and has reached a long-term comprehensive cooperation on products, technology, services, market development, billiards games, and marketing.

Since the April Snooker World Championships, all high-end matches of the World Snooker Federation have used star pool tables (World Championships, British Championships, Grand Prix, Players Championship, British Series, German Masters, Paul Henn) Special Classic, European Masters, Australian Open, Indian Open, Shanghai Masters, World Open, Daqing National Championship, China Open, etc.). (Some events have disappeared. In addition, whether the translation of the British series needs to be modified, many media have translated into “local series”)
The Xingpai pool table became the designated game table for the National Sports Conference.
The Xing Brand Fancy Pool Table has been approved by the Asian Pool League.
Xingpai was awarded the top ten national enterprises in the CCTV Sports Marketing Summit Forum and the Fifth Sports Marketing Classic Case.
Xingpai sponsored and established a national female billiard referee training class to improve the refereeing level of the billiard industry and promote the development of billiards. .
Xingpai became the supplier of snooker tables for the Guangzhou Asian Games.
China’s three major nine-ball players Fu Xiaofang, Liu Shasha and Li Hewen joined Xingpai.

Xingpai began to integrate the industry and signed agency agreements with the world’s top equipment suppliers Shichuang (6811 units), ADAM (Japanese nine-ball manufacturer), etc. At the same time, Ding Junhui Chain Billiards Club and Pan Xiaoting Chain Billiards Club have joined the star family.
World billiards superstar O’Sullivan and Trump signed with Star.

The Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports officially approved the project and named it “Chinese Billiards”. All games are hosted by Xingpai, and the pool tables are all Xingpai pool tables.
Xingpai started to independently operate the Snooker World Open, one of the top ten world snooker events in China.

World billiards superstar Higgins signed with Star.
Xingpai has invested in the creation of the world’s first reality-show billiards competition show “Star Wars”. The famous film and television stars Tang Yifei, Xu Fei, Chun Xiao, Li Nina, Ye Tong, Zhang Lanxin, Jiang Yuchen, Yang Tongshu, Lu Songxian, Yu Haoming, Zhou Haimei, Liu Yuxin, Peng Tan and the stars The star fleet competes on the same field.
The training base of the Chinese Billiards Association and the World Snooker (China) Academy were launched, and Gan Liantong, chairman of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., served as the honorary dean of the college. The college intends to train more Ding Junhui and Pan Xiaoting for the future of Chinese billiards.
Xingpai hosted the annual Chinese billiards ceremony to commend the outstanding billiard players in the billiards field this year.

Xingpai and the World Professional Snooker Association renewed the strategic cooperation agreement to continue to deepen the cooperation content.
Xingpai established the “Xingpai·Red Bull” Cup Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Billiard Club League and actively promoted the professionalization of the billiard club league.

Xingpai signed a contract with the People’s Government of Yushan County, Jiangxi Province to jointly build an international billiards cultural industry zone.
The European Billiards Federation and Xingpai reached a strategic agreement on competitions, branding and promotion. This shows that Xingpai has a strong influence and international reputation as a well-known billiard brand.
Xingpai and the People’s Government of Yushan County, Jiangxi Province jointly organized and independently operated the first Chinese Billiards World Championship.

WPPA America station became a milestone for Chinese billiards to go abroad. It is a qualifying match for the 2017 CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship.
In August, Xingpai reached an important agreement with the Chinese Billiards Association, the CBSA American Billiards International Open (4 stops per year), the World Women’s 9-Ball Championship, the World 9-Ball Shanghai Open and other American billiards with WPA points hosted by the China National Taiwan Association For the event, the star pool tables are all designated tables.

Xingpai billiard table became the designated table for China Xingcheng World Fancy Art Billiards Championship.
The 3rd China Shangrao Yushan “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Pool World Championships attracted 438 players from 47 countries.
The China Yushan International Billiards Cultural Industry Project, jointly developed by Yushan County, Jiangxi Province and Xingpai, started laying the foundation.

Xingpai independently hosted the World Snooker China Open. The total prize money of the event was increased to 1 million pounds, making it the second largest professional snooker event in the world and the largest in China.
Xingpai debuted at the 36th Shanghai Sports Expo and launched a new “Yaju” series of family consoles, creating a new blue ocean in the industry.

Yushan Sports Center was completed and used. This is the world’s first billiards stadium. In October of that year, the China Shangrao Yushan “Zhiyuan” Cup 2019 Snooker World Open was held.

The future can be expected…

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