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British interview ReportsAt the 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship held in Yushan, British player Barry Westi defeated Brunei player (also the president of the Brunei Billiards Association) Awadi 9-2 in his first qualifying match, advancing to the next round.Vesti lived in China for 17 years, forming his own family and having his own career. Vesti is a skilled snooker player. Over the years, with the rise of Chinese billiards in China and its global reach, he has also started participating in Chinese billiards competitions, including the Chinese Billiards International Professional League tournament held earlier this year. “The competition field is great, and the environment in Yushan is great! This time, I met many good friends from all over the world, such as my opponent (Avadi) today. This game was very difficult, and I put in all my efforts to complete the finish line. Winning gave me a lot of confidence.”When it comes to why he participated in the World Championships, Vesti said that while high bonuses are important, they are far from the only factor for many players to come. “Nowadays, many people abroad are very interested in Chinese billiards, and everyone wants to experience and learn from Chinese billiards matches. Yushan has an International Billiards Academy, and the billiards atmosphere in Yushan has a strong attraction for many people. In addition, the Star Billiards Table has received a good response worldwide.”In order to play Chinese billiards well, Vesti has come to the International Billiards Academy several times to practice and worked hard to improve his level under the guidance of the academy’s coaches. Compared to the first time I participated in the competition, I feel that I have made a lot of progress. Not only have my abilities improved, but my mentality has also improved. Chinese billiards tests my skills more, and the connection between each ball is important. Before hitting each ball, I need to make a lot of judgments. Compared with American billiards, its alignment requirements are also much higher, and I really like Chinese billiards. Looking forward to the future of this competition, Vesti smiled and said he doesn’t want to be a “naughty boy”: “I hope to have a good performance and win as many games as possible. At the same time, I want to play basketball with my good friends from all over the world in Yushan, hoping to have a wonderful time.”

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