Yu Haitao: I want to win more championships

In the fifth game of the Chinese billiards “heads-up” match on April 25, Yu Haitao played the most exciting performance since the start of the match. From 3-12 to 21-18, he completed an incredible turnaround. This game seems to be the epitome of his career: driving low and going high, after years of persistence, finally see the world.

Yu Haitao has been in contact with billiards at the age of 12. At first he just wanted to use billiards as a hobby. He got a stable job in the Construction Bureau early, and went to the ball room to play a few shots after get off work. At the age of 23, Yu Haitao heard that the billiard industry is developing well in Shandong, thousands of miles away, so he resigned from his job and embarked on a dream journey.

Yu Haitao: I want to win more championships

In the next ten years, Yu Haitao went from being obscured and having food to a little bit of prominence. The 2016 World Championships victory over Yang Fan is Yu Haitao’s famous work. How many people can start with a 9-0 start to the “Bald Head”? At the end of 2018, in the strong CBSA China Championship, the domestic ranking was still Starting from the qualifying round, Yu Haitao, who was 30 minutes away, passed through all the way and won a heavy trophy. “It’s just a game after game. I am very impressed with the single loss stage, because there is still a chance to lose in the double loss stage, and the single loss is completely gone.

On the court, Yu Haitao used his cue to win the recognition of all parties; off the court, Yu Haitao tied the knot with his wife who has supported him for many years. From the meager income of less than 1,000 yuan a month many years ago, to now having his own ball room, no one would be in awe of such a counterattack life.

Qualifying for the “heads-up” competition is an affirmation of Haitao’s success in recent years. “The training value of this game is very high. I want to play with Erbao (Zheng Yubo) and Xiaojie (Chu Bingjie) the most because they are the two top players in China. In addition, I have a very good relationship with Erbao. I really want to meet him.” In order to prepare for the game, Yu Haitao has been practicing in his ball room these months. The long game system is a certain test for Yu Haitao, who has just passed, and he has also responded to this.

Yu Haitao: I want to win more championships

In the several “heads-up” matches that have ended, the rushing state has greatly affected the trend of the score. For the rushing ball, Yu Haitao is quite confident: “I use a triangle frame to swing the ball, my tee will be better.”

Speaking of the future, Yu Haitao said: “My career (the remaining time) is not very long. I want to win more championships in my limited billiard career.”

When people think that Yu Haitao’s counterattack is exciting enough, he also wants to make this story more beautiful. Just like more than ten years ago, Yu Haitao gave up the enviable life of others and went to Shandong alone.

Schedule of the first stage of Yu Haitao’s “heads-up” match:

April 25 Yu Haitao 21-18 Wu Zhenyu

April 26 Yu Haitao VS Chu Bingjie

April 28 Yu Haitao VS Yang Shaojie

April 30 Yu Haitao VS Li Bo

May 23 Yu Haitao VS Liu Haitao

May 24 Yu Haitao VS Yang Fan

May 30 Yu Haitao VS Zheng Yubo

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