Xingpai Cup National Chinese Ranking Tournament Liu Chuang stops at the top 4: Xingpai gives me a sense of belonging

On the evening of June 21st, Beijing time, the last semi-finals of the men’s group of the 2013 Star Harpu Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Jiangsu Station Xingpai signed the Chinese billiard national player Liu Chuang 7-11 and lost to Heilongjiang famous general, stopping in the top 4. After the game, Liu Chuang said that Xingpai gave our players a sense of belonging.

Liu Chuang is weak in the course and stops at the top 4

The 2012 Xingpai National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Station runner-up Liu Chuang’s trip to this station’s ranking competition was extremely bumpy. After four qualifying rounds, he made a thrilling advancement to the main race in the last round. In the first round of this station, Liu Chuang encountered the 2012 Star National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Hangzhou champion Chen Qiang. In the end, Liu Chuang made an effort to pass the dangerous 9-7. Although Liu Chuang subsequently defeated wild card player Zhang Miao 9-0, Liu Chuang still failed to find his best form. After defeating Li Heng 11-9, Liu Chuang faced the famous Heilongjiang court in the semifinals.

Heilongjiang famous court and Tianjin Master Zhou Plenary Final

After the start of the game, both sides seemed extremely cautious and frequently fell into defensive battles. After the first six rounds, the two sides were evenly matched and ended up with 3 draws. Subsequently, Yu Ting took the lead and expanded the score gap to 9-6. At the critical moment, Liu Chuang failed to clear the stage and left the black ball. Yu Ting relied on his super strong situation control ability to make his opponents put the ball in his hand many times, and successfully survived the dead ball K, cleared the table and entered the match point 10-6. In the 17th inning, Yu Ting’s defense made the white ball and the black ball pocketed one after another, which made Liu Chuang lucky to get back a match point. But the subsequent game was lucky and did not favor Liu Chuang. After a series of difficult attacks, K hit the 8th ball, but unfortunately formed an obstacle ball. Yu Ting took the good situation left by his opponent to seal the victory and advance to the final.

After the game, Liu Chuang seemed a little frustrated with such a result. “I didn’t play very well, and my luck was relatively bad. I was in a bad state in the last stage and I haven’t adjusted it. Although I didn’t play well at this station, I think I will work harder in the next station. I want to be here. In addition, I would like to thank my signing company, Beijing Xingwei Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. The income of the players is unstable, and they have been toiling outside the game throughout the year. Signing with the star makes me feel a sense of home, and it also increases practice and competition. The motivation of the company. Including Chinese billiards, snooker and 9-ball. Xingpai sponsors many competitions every year to give billiard players more room for survival and development. I will repay my company and love my billiard hobby by redoubled efforts. Friends.”

At 9 o’clock in the morning on June 22, the final of Xingpai National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Jiangsu Station will be held in the lobby on the first floor of Red Star Macalline Shopping Center in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. will be broadcast live on the whole network. Please pay attention.

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