Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament has a huge impact and the ball room has benefited a lot

The second qualifying round of the 2012 CBSA “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Zhejiang Branch-Cangzhou Qualifying Tournament will kick off on October 20. Cangzhou Zhangjin Billiards Club, which hosted this qualifying match, was busy. Affected by the huge prize of 100,000 yuan for the winner of the sub-station competition, the club’s registration phone number became a veritable hotline.

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Operators hardly have much rest time after work, and they can even receive consultation calls at midnight. It is roughly estimated that at least thousands of consultation calls have been answered so far. Nearly 100 people have confirmed their registrations, and more people are ready to register on site. The registration work is extremely hot, and well-known players such as Wang Xiaoqian, Yu Haitao, Shi Hanqing and others have signed up for the competition. Coupled with the host’s proposal, the lineup of this qualifying tournament has taken on a luxurious prototype.


Zhang Jin is a very famous Chinese billiard player in Hebei. In the Henan branch of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, many famous players broke into the top eight. The Liaoning branch failed to participate due to other reasons, and the ranking dropped to 20. This makes Zhang Jin very regretful. This time he hosted the Zhejiang Station Qualifying Tournament, Zhang Jin reported himself early and vowed to make up for the loss of Liaoning Station.

Various contestants are familiar with the venue

It is particularly worth mentioning that there are some billiard fans from other places who came to Cangzhou Zhangjin Billiards Club early to familiarize themselves with the venue in advance and prepare for the upcoming game. The local players in Cangzhou were even more unwilling to show weakness, huddling friends and “occupying” the table early. Such a lively situation can be said to be reasonable, and unexpectedly, the ball house owner Zhang Jin was delighted.

Zhangjin Billiards Club is the premier high-end ball room in Cangzhou. It is located on the most prosperous Jiefang Road in Cangzhou. Since all the ball rooms adopt star tables, it can provide fans with a good playing experience and the environment of the ball room is elegant. Customers have always been in favor of the door. The news of hosting the Zhejiang Sub-station Qualifying Tournament of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament this time made the business of the already prosperous ball room even more prosperous. Everyday people come to play and practice. , The situation of waiting in line for the table has become the norm. More importantly, the reputation of the ball room has become louder, and the number of members has doubled. Zhang Jin said that he did not expect: “I didn’t expect the national ranking competition to have such a big impact on the ball room. I didn’t expect so much income.”

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