In the Masters, Wilson single shot 139 was useless, Bingham finally counterattack

News from January 18th, Beijing time, the Snooker Masters ended the last two quarter-finals yesterday. In the second game, Bingham beat Karen Wilson 6-2 to advance to the semi-finals and will compete with Gilber. Specially compete for a seat in the finals.

The two people have different fates in the first round. Wilson defeated Lisovsky in 6 games after 0-2 and defended the dignity of the top 8 seeds; Bingham beat No. 2 seed Williams 6-2 and became an upset. A member of the army.

Similar to today’s first game, Wilson also scored high points at the beginning. He quickly entered the state with a 139 stroke, but the development of the script has been different since then. Bingham scored 52 points in the second game but was reversed by Wilson 70-60. The 0-2 unfavorable situation failed to shake the Sharks’ determination. He played 69 in the third game and finally won one game.

Wilson won the 4th game 65-46, and when Bingham scored 65 points on a single stroke, he reversed the 5th game with a single 71 and took a 4-1 lead. However, Bingham began to exert his strength at this time, and he also lost 59-53 in the sixth game, giving his opponent a regretful defeat. He played 82 and 75 in the next two games, not giving his opponent a chance to reverse in a single game.

In the last two rounds, both sides played multiple times. As a result, Bingham had the last laugh, winning 74-26 and 69-55. After winning 5 consecutive rounds, Wilson was eliminated by 6-4. Bingham will compete with Gilbert for a place in the semifinals tomorrow morning.

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