Chinese billiards ranking competition attracts foreign players

On May 25, two foreign players appeared in the Jilin qualification area of 2013 national Chinese billiards Ranking Competition held by Changchun biaokuoxing billiards club. Before the competition, the reporter also had a special interview with the two foreign players. It is reported that one of them is from Pakistan, his name is tayyab, and his Chinese name is Dahai; the other is from Kazakstan, his name is YERLAN, and his Chinese name is YERLAN. Now they all live in Changchun, Jilin Province. They are two excellent billiards players who have participated in many local billiards competitions on weekdays. At the same time, they also said that they had already known about the Chinese billiards ranking competition and had been looking forward to participating in such a high-level event, but they were unable to compete in other regions due to personal reasons. The event settled in Changchun, they signed up three days in advance, and hope to get good results in the competition. In the end, both players said that they hoped to continue to participate in such a formal and high-level billiards competition, regardless of their achievements. Here, we also wish the two foreign players good results in the competition.


YERLAN, a player of cassackistan


Pakistan player – tayyab


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