Selby: Keep a positive attitude during the game and go all out against Hawkins

News from the official website of the China Billiards Association When the score was fixed at 10-8, the world’s No. 1 Mr. Selby had a difficult victory over the young king of the 90s, Karen Wilson, and moved on to defend his title at the China Open.

In this semi-final, Selby took a 5-shot 50+ to maintain a 6-3 lead in the first stage. After a short break, Wilson blew the counter-attack horn in the second stage, chasing the score to 8-8. At the last juncture, Selby was struggling to win, securing the victory with two strokes of 50+ and qualifying for the second consecutive year in the final of the China Open.

“When the opponent tied the score, I let myself keep a positive attitude, forget the number of games I lost before, and go all out to face the next challenge.” As we all know, Selby has a strong heart, Self-regulation ability is also very prominent.

Netizens commented that Selby in a long game is difficult to beat. However, Selby’s face still showed a little fatigue after 19 games of 10 wins in the semifinals. “It’s still difficult to stay focused during such a long game.” Selby said that he didn’t sleep well last night. “I hope I can sleep well tonight and be more prepared for tomorrow.”

Since the China Open was held in Beijing, no one has ever won the championship for two consecutive years. As last year’s champion, Selby said he would not particularly care about these. “As long as I maintain a positive attitude in the game, I can win.” Tomorrow, Selby will face Barry Hawkins, who has reached the ranking finals for the second time this season. “He is a formidable opponent and I will do my best.”

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