2014 CBSA “Qinhuangdao Huarui Coal Coke Chemical Industry” Cup Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Qualification Tour Rules (Hebei Tangshan Station)

1. Organizer:

Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration

China Billiards Association

2. Organizer:

Sports Bureau of Tangshan City, Hebei Province

Tangshan Billiards Association

Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Star Billiards Club, Hebei Province

3. Supporting unit:

Shichuang 6811

Hebei Bazhou Geli Billiard Cue Factory

Beijing Rising Sun Blue Adam Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. (Musashi Club)

Junyao Billiards Lighting

Beijing Key Way Sports Consulting Co., Ltd.

China Merchants Bank Tangshan Branch

Tangshan Huayu Real Estate

Tangshan Huitong Luhua Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Hebei Tangshan Red Rose Bone China Factory

4. Promotion unit: Beijing Xingpai Weiye Sports Development Co., Ltd.

5. Designated suppliers:

Designated table: Xingpai pool table

Designated station: Shichuang 6811 station

Designated cue: Goli wild leopard billiard cue

Designated venue lighting system: Junyao billiard lighting

6. Official website: Official website of China Billiards Association (www.cbsa.org.cn)

7. Official WeChat public platform: Xingpaistar (xingpaistar)

8. Media support:

Cooperative media:

Sina (www.sina.com), Sohu (www.sohu.com), Yixin Interactive (www.top147.com), My Billiards Network (www.my147.com), Billiards Portal (www.916147.com) );

CCTV-5, BTV-6, Five Star Sports, Zhejiang TV, Tianjin TV, Hebei TV, Shandong TV, Guangxi TV, Fujian TV, China National Radio, Changchun TV,

Gansu TV, Shenyang TV, Liaoning TV, FM93, Liaoning Radio and TV, Shenyang Radio and TV;

Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, Economic Daily, China News Service, China Sports Daily, China Business Times, China Business News, Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing Evening News, Dahe News, Qianjiang Evening News, Liaoshen Evening News,

Huashang Morning News, Xin’an Evening News, Anhui Business News, West China Metropolis Daily, Metropolis Express, Tangshan Evening News, Western Business News, Lanzhou Evening News, Lanzhou Times, Xin News, Lanzhou Morning News, Shenyang Evening News, Shenyang Daily,

Times Business Daily, Metropolis Express, Sports News, Zhejiang Times, Hangzhou Daily, Lanzhou Daily;

Xinhuanet, People’s Daily Online, Sina.com, Tencent.com, Huaao Star, Tizong.com, Chinanews.com, Chinanet, China Economic Net, China Broadcasting Network, Forum on the 19th Floor, Southern Network, Qianlong Network, Northeast Network, Northern News Network ,

Guangzhou Windows, Dahe Net, Chongqing Hotline, Hunan News Net, Dazhong Net, Zhejiang Online;

9. Competition items

Chinese billiards men’s individual match

10. Competition time and place

Competition time: July 12th to July 16th, 2014

Venue: Tangshan Star Billiards Club, Hebei Province

Competition Address: 3rd Floor, Star Shopping Center, Beixinxi Road, North District, Tangshan Road, Hebei Province

Contact: Dong Haitao

Contact number: 13739857117

11. How to participate:

(1) Qualifications: All male players of Chinese billiards can register, regardless of age or nationality. All players must log in to the official website of the China Taiwan Association (www.cbsa.org.cn) to register.

(2) Registration time: June 26, 2014 to July 10, 2014.

(3) Registration requirements: Please register strictly in accordance with the registration time requirements. Registration will not be accepted after the registration time expires; second registrations are not accepted for the competition.

(4) Registration method:

1. On-site registration: A total of 100 registration offices (including the competition site) are set up across the country. Participating athletes can register within the registration time according to their location. The specific registration office is attached.

2. Online registration: Participating athletes can register online within the designated registration time. The “Chinese Billiards Qualification Tour Registration Form” is attached. Participants download it by themselves, and the online participants fill in the correct form and send it to the mailbox: and then the participation fee Remit to the designated bank account of the event within the registration time, and send a text message to: 13810070361 to notify the event organizing committee to complete the registration.

Account name: Huang Yilan

Account Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Daxing Huangcun West Street Branch

Card number: 6212 2602 0001 3086 513

Contact number: 13810070361

3. Telephone registration: Athletes can register with the competition organizing committee by telephone within the designated registration time. Registration Tel: 13739857117, 13810070361, 13810825298, 13701217983

12. Competition method:

(1) Rules of the game: adopt the “Rules of Chinese Billiards” approved by the China Billiards Association

(2) Competition method:

1. The competition lasts for 5 days and is divided into three stages; the first stage is a single elimination and admission of the top 64, using 13 rounds of 7 wins; the second stage is a double elimination, a total of eight groups, each group of 8 people, admission The top 32, with 13 rounds of 7 wins; the third stage is a single defeat, 1/16, 1/8 finals, 13 rounds of 7 wins, 17 rounds of 9 wins for the quarter-finals, and 21 rounds for the semi-finals 11 wins system, the championship and runner-up finals use 25 games and 13 wins.

2. In all matches, players from both sides take turns to kick off the ball.

3. All competitions are time-limited. Each contestant has a time limit of 45 seconds for each stroke. Each player has the right to delay once in each round, and the delay is 30 seconds; there is no time limit for the winning game.

13. Admission ranking and reward method:

(1) The top 8 players will be eligible for the CBSA Chinese Billiards Open (with a total prize of not less than 200,000 yuan).

(2) Players who register for the tournament can earn Chinese billiard points;

(3) Bonuses:

Champion: 10,000 yuan + certificate + trophy

Runner-up: 4000 yuan + certificate

Tied for third place: 1500 yuan + certificate × 2 people

Tied for 5th place: 800 yuan × 4 people

Tied for 9th place: 500 yuan × 8 people

Tied for 17th place: 400 yuan × 16 people

Tied for 33rd place: 300 yuan × 32 people

Tied for 65th place: 200 yuan × 64 people

(4) Points reward method:

According to the “Chinese Billiards Association Chinese Billiards Player Points Ranking Measures (Trial)”. CBSA Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Qualification Tour points are divided into event points and participating points. The overall game points are the sum of the game points and the participating points.

1. Event points are the amount of event bonus/100×2.0

2. The entry points are the entry fee amount/100

14. Participation funds

(1) Entry fee: 200 yuan.

(2) In order to encourage more athletes to participate, improve their sports performance and rankings, and strive to qualify for the World Championships, all registered contestants can receive a gift worth 200 yuan.

(3) The staff and referees’ round-trip transportation expenses, board and lodging expenses, and labor expenses shall be borne by the competition organizing committee.

15. Entry requirements

(1) Obey the rules of the competition and obey the arrangements of the competition;

(2) Athletes need to arrive at the competition venue at the designated time of the competition for inspection and participate in the opening ceremony and drawing ceremony of the competition. They will enter the arena through the player channel with their participation certificates. Players who are not present are deemed to have abstained. The lottery of the competition shall not be drawn on behalf of any form. If there are special circumstances, the reasons must be explained to the organizing committee in advance;

(3) 10 minutes before the start of each game, contestants are required to check in at the check-in office. The chief referee announced that 5 minutes after the start of the game, the player who did not show up will lose a game, and if he fails to show up after 10 minutes, he will be deemed to have abstained;

(4) Appeals dissatisfied with the judgment of the referee on duty must be filed before the players of both sides make the next blow after the penalty is awarded, otherwise it will not be accepted;

(5) Smoking is prohibited in the competition venue, and contestants are prohibited from making and receiving calls during the competition;

(6) Contestants’ dress code: elegant, dignified, and decent, with shirt or T-shirt on top; black or dark trousers and slacks on bottom; jeans or shorts of any color are not allowed; shoes are formal Leather shoes or casual leather shoes, sandals or slippers are not allowed; the top 64 players must wear formal attire, wearing long-sleeved shirts, vests, bow ties, and black or dark trousers and formal shoes; clothing does not meet the requirements. Contestants are prohibited from participating;

(7) The top 8 players need to be present at the time specified by the organizing committee to take photos before the competition. Those who do not show up are deemed to have abandoned the game; the top 8 players must participate in the award ceremony, otherwise the competition results will be cancelled;

(8) During the competition, contestants are not allowed to participate in commercial competitions and publicity activities without the approval of the organizing committee;

(9) Drinking and any form of gambling is strictly prohibited during the competition;

(10) Contestants are strictly prohibited from wearing accessories to participate in the competition. Wearing commercial logos must be declared in advance. One week before the competition, send a text message “trademark declaration + gender + name + ID number + trademark content” to 13810070361, which can only be worn after approval by the competition organizing committee Participate, otherwise it is not allowed to wear unofficially designated logo trademarks, and each contestant can declare 1 free trademark. Participants must wear the trademark of the player’s registered place (for example, if the XX player is registered as Beijing, they will wear the “Beijing” chest badge). If there is no registered player, they will wear the local name badge according to their native place. The remaining trademarks are designated by the organizing committee to wear relevant logos to participate in the competition;

(11) Any behavior that violates laws and disciplines and violates morals and ethics is strictly prohibited;

(12) Those who violate the above requirements will be disqualified from the competition.

16. The interpretation of this regulation belongs to the Chinese Billiards Association.

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