British Championships Lv Haotian Xu Si wins first victory, Zhou Yuelong, Mei Xiwen lost to father and son soldiers

In the early morning of November 30th, Beijing time, the 2017 Snooker British Championship ended the first round of the second match day. Lu Haotian 6-1 beat this year’s German Masters champion Hamilton, breaking into the top 64 generals and former world champion Alberton. Xu Size narrowly defeated Mark Davis 6-5 and advanced to the second round against Old Lanes. However, Zhou Yuelong and Mei Xiwen lost to Lions and his sons and were eliminated together with Wang Yuchen.

Lv Haotian broke into the top 4 rankings for the first time at the Northern Ireland Open that just ended this week, and finally lost to Yan Bingtao in the Derby and stopped. On the same day, he brought a good posture to the Barbican Center.

In fact, the 46-year-old Hamilton has also been in very good form recently. This year, he won his first ranking championship in his career at the German Masters. However, he was quite depressed in this game, with Lu Haotian 79-9 and 77-8 consecutive two cities. In the third game, Hamilton pulled back a game with 74 points, but this became the only bright spot for the veteran.

Next, Lu Haotian scored the fourth game with 61 points, 60-13 and 74-27 closed the fifth and sixth innings. After winning the match point 5-1, Lu Haotian let go of his hands and feet, and finished with 107 points in a single shot. In this way, Lu Haotian beat Hamilton 6-1 and broke into the top 64 generals, the former world champion and “King of Grinding” Alberton.

19-year-old Xu Si only transitioned into his career this year. At the Indian Open held two months ago, he went to the top four in a row and finally lost to the four-time world champion Higgins who later won the championship.

Now he played the second largest ranking match for the first time, Xu Si seemed very engaged. After the first seven games, he led the veteran Mark Davis by 5-2 and took the lead in winning the match point. Mark Davis, who had entered the semi-finals of the 2012 British Championships, adjusted his state and won three consecutive games to drag the game into the final game. Xu Si withstood the pressure in the deciding game, 69-0 to seal the victory, with a total score of 6-5. In this game, Xu Si scored 115 points on 1 shot and 60+ on 5 shots. The momentum is gratifying.

Sichuan teenager Zhou Yuelong scored 76 points, 62 points, 68 points and 79 points in a single stroke, 5-6 regrettable defeat. The 47-year-old England veteran Peter Lanes who did not have a single high score failed to achieve the second round of meeting with Xu Si. aims. Oliver Lions, the son of the elder Lions, also performed well on the day, cutting Mexiwen 6-3.

Wang Yuchen, who had a broken 100 in his hand, lost 4-6 and shot a broken 100 and two 80+. Lisovsky, who had just set a personal high with a beautiful top 4 in the Shanghai Masters recently, followed Zhou Yuelong. Out with Mexiwen.

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