The first day of the Chinese Billiards World Championships: Zheng Yubo and Dang Jinhu advanced smoothly, and Yang Fan broke into the winning team with a thrilling reversal

On March 26th, China·Shangrao·Yushan 2018 CBSA “Yaqi Group” Cup 4th Chinese Billiards World Championship officially entered the double-defeat knockout stage. In the second round of the domestic men’s team, foreign men’s, women’s and domestic women’s first rounds, Zheng Yubo and Dang Jinhu advanced smoothly. Fu Xiaofang, Liu Shasha, and Kelly Fisher entered the winning team. Mike Hill, Joe Perry, Ke Bingyi and other international players will compete for advancement on the morning of the 27th.

In the domestic group competition in the morning, star signed player Zheng Yubo ushered in the first opponent of the race-the second Chinese billiards World Championship champion Shi Hanqing. Zheng Yubo, who was in hot form, had an absolute lead in the first five rounds, and in the next game he went to the victory with 9:5. Afterwards, Zheng Yubo continued his good condition and successfully advanced to the next round by defeating Xiao Liu Chuang with a 9:1 disparity.

In the afternoon, the first round of the double loss including the international men’s team and all women’s teams was played, two of which attracted special attention. Yang Fan, currently ranked number one, met the challenge of British player Jason Shaw. The whole game was inextricably difficult to solve and the process was thrilling. Fortunately, Yang Fan finally stabilized his position and beat Jason Shaw with 9:8. unit. In the other game, the defending champion Fu Xiaofang played against British veteran Karen Cole. Both sides played cautiously at the beginning, leading alternately. Finally, Fu Xiaofang adjusted his state in time to win with a score of 7:4. unit.

Fu Xiaofang, who fought in front of his house, said in an interview after the game that he was not in good condition throughout the game, but after suspension and adjustment, he was still very happy to win the game. In addition, Fu Xiaofang, who participated in the Chinese Billiards Championship for the third time, hopes to lead domestic and foreign players to enjoy the beauty of Yushan and taste local delicacies in the spare time of the game, so as to make the best of the friendship of the landlord.

In the game that night, Zheng Xiaohuai from Anhui defeated Jing Yao with a 9:4 score, and joined hands with Dang Jinhu and Wu Zhenyu to advance smoothly. The defeated players such as Shi Xin, Shi Hanqing, Chu Bingjie, and Zhang Guanghao ushered in “breaking the boat and sinking the boat” on the 27th. “The first battle.

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