Murphy wins 4 games in a row after 2-4 at the China Championships, 6-4 reverses Carter to the final

Xingpai China Billiards Association official website news on August 21, the 2017 Snooker China Championship entered the semi-final stage. In the afternoon game, magician Sean Murphy made a winning streak in the unfavorable situation of 2-4 behind. In four games, the final 6-4 reversal defeated Captain Ariste Carter and entered the final.

The first semi-final was held between Grand Slam player Murphy and last year’s World Open champion Carter. Murphy’s personal performance was even more outstanding, holding 7 ranked championship titles including the 2005 World Championships and 2008. In the British Championships in 2015, from the past record of the two players, Carter has a clear advantage of 14 wins, 9 losses and 2 draws in 25 games. The last time he met was in the first round of last season’s jersey championship, when Carter was 5-4 in the tiebreaker. To win, this encounter is the first duel between the two sides this season.

The game started at two points, with a 6-win system in 11 rounds. In the first round, Murphy kicked off. Carter’s return quality was not low. Murphy’s thin red ball returned and accidentally rubbed a red ball near the bottom pocket. Carter was far away. The Taiwan thin red ball into the bottom pocket and scored 51 points before moving into the defense. Murphy then tried to miss more offense from the far stage and then sent the middle pocket to the phone meeting. Carter scored 36 points to win the first game. In the opening stage of the second game, several red balls were hit in the first half of the defensive round. Carter’s cue ball sank to the bottom and accidentally leaked the thin ball opportunity of the red ball near the top pocket. Murphy first got 12 points and turned into defense. , Carter chose the cue ball to sink to the bottom but did not stick to the bottom library, Murphy then pushed the distal top pocket of the red ball and once again took a single shot 54 points to tie the score 1-1.

In the third game, when Murphy hit the red ball and returned to the defense, the ball was scattered and a red ball stopped in the bottom pocket. Carter made a mistake after scoring 17 points in the offensive from the far stage, and the situation fell into a stalemate. During the two courtesy exchanges, there was a cue ball smashed bag. Murphy’s offensive shot missed and left a good situation for his opponent. Carter got 44 points to complete the overscore. After Murphy entangled for a few rounds, Carter was red. The ball rewritten the score to 2-1. In the fourth game, after Carter’s cue ball sank to the bottom of the defense, Murphy scored a large-angle mid-pocket red ball but there was no colored ball to play. The two began a defensive battle. Carter scored 22 points with a distant offense but still failed to open the situation. The offense was interrupted. Since then, Murphy’s two long-range offensives have not been able to continue to score. When it was 32-31, there were three red balls on the table. Carter’s mistake was given as a gift. Murphy collected the red ball and scored. The yellow ball finished the overscore 58-31 and the score came to a 2-2 tie.

After the break, it entered the fifth inning. After the kick-off, Carter’s high-quality method caused a lot of trouble to the opponent. Murphy chose a passive way to solve the ball without an ideal line and did not accidentally touch the red. The ball and the cue ball stopped at the right side of the pink ball point and left a mid-pocket. After Carter scored 18 points, a simple pink ball mid-pocket offense made a mistake and gave way to the good situation. Murphy played two sets of red After the black combination, the K-ball effect was not good and transferred to the defense. During the entanglement, Murphy scored a red ball but quickly made an offensive error. Carter got the opportunity to get another 52 points with a single shot to complete the overscore. When the black ball was hit, the target ball jumped away. The table interrupted the score, Murphy tried to do snooker to no avail, the score came to 3-2.

In the sixth game, Carter took the lead and scored 44 points and then the K-ball was not effective. The offensive was interrupted. After Murphy returned the ball, Carter successfully used the coffee ball to make snooker. Murphy made two mistakes and gave the opportunity to the ball. Carter 75-0 extended the score to 4-2. In the defensive contest at the beginning of the seventh game, Murphy first thinned the red ball but not thin enough, and then dropped the bag when the cue ball sank to the bottom, then accidentally hit the black ball and sent a total of 15 points to the opponent. After that, Murphy caught the opponent’s offensive mistake. 69 points were interrupted and four red balls remained on the table. After a long time of contention, Murphy scored the last red ball to regain the game and scored 3-4.

In the eighth game, Murphy pushed the red ball from the far stage and missed the missed opportunity. Carter scored one red and one green and then interrupted. Murphy then scored 9 points on the long offensive and hit the blue ball. A red ball hit the top pocket. Carter scored 14 points for the lipstick ball and missed the black ball to give him a chance. Murphy’s single shot was interrupted with 34 points. In the subsequent competition, Murphy took away of the remaining three red balls. Two, tied the score 4-4. After the ninth game kick-off, Murphy made a mistake and gave a chance. After Carter scored 27 points, a simple ball error occurred in the bag attack. Murphy failed to win the game. The two sides fell into a tug-of-war. Murphy 68- 56 wins will divide the score 5-4. In the tenth game, Murphy took the lead and interrupted with 42 points in a single stroke. After Carter returned the ball, Murphy started again but scored 13 points. Carter then had a chance to win and drag the game into the final game. He did not deal with it after 32 points in a single stroke. Murphy eventually set the score at 6-4 80-32 and entered the final.

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