Scotland Fu Jiajun defends his title and sweeps 1/8 district, China wins 6 seats in second round

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association Beijing time on the early morning of December 12, the 2017 Snooker Scottish Open ended its first day of competition in Glasgow. As for the Chinese players, Fu Jiajun started the defending journey with a strong 4-0, and joined hands with 8 Chinese players to advance to the top 64. The Chinese players in the 1/8 zone accounted for half. After the first round, only two non-Chinese players remained in the eight seats in the zone, and there will be two more civil wars. That day, five people, including Lu Haotian, Zhao Xintong, and Tian Pengfei, took a round trip unfortunately.

The Scottish Open is the third stop of the four British home series this season, and the 12th ranked match in the season. The defending champion is Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun. He won the championship last year after a big victory over host Scottish star Higgins in the final. .

The competition adopts a flat competition system where all players start from the top 128 in the first round, with 23 Chinese professional teams including Ding Junhui, Fu Jiajun and Liang Wenbo playing collectively. On the first day of the match, the most eye-catching area was zone 1/8. There were as many as eight Chinese players in the zone. After the first round, only two non-Chinese players were among the eight surviving players in the zone. Among them, defending champion Fu Jiajun swept Welsh teenager Duane Jones 4-0. In the final game, he finished with 101 points. Fang Xiongshou narrowly beat England’s Gilbert 4-3. Sichuan teenager Zhou Yuelong held a three-shot 60+, 4-1 to force Welsh player Pris, and Yu Delu eliminated Welsh player and coach Lee Walker 4-2. Zhang Yong eliminated Irish veteran O’Brien 4-1. In the derby, Xiao Guodong opened with a strong 101 points and won Li Yuan with a total score of 4-1. Only the teenager Lv Haotian was out in this area. It was Gary Wilson who defeated him.

In the second round, there will be two civil wars in Zone 1/8, Fu Jiajun against Fang Xiongman, and Zhou Yuelong against Delu. Zhang Yong and Xiao Guodong’s opponents are Sancam and Gary Wilson respectively.

In addition, Li Xing eliminated Sean O’Sullivan 4-1, during which he scored 75, 123 and 80 points in a single shot. In the second round, Li Xing will face Barrett, a 33-year-old professional sophomore from England.

As Mark Williams retired, professional rookie Xu Si won without a fight and automatically advanced to the top 64. In the second round, Xu Si’s opponents will be produced between Paul Davidson and Jimmy Robertson.

On the same day, the teenager Zhao Xintong scored 100 points and lost 2-4 to Gerald Green. Tian Pengfei lost to Australian player Dunham 2-4. This season, the post-00 teenager Yuan Sijun, who just turned professional this season, was swept by Peter Lanes 0-4.

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