Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Station Men’s quarterfinals, Liaoning and Heilongjiang each have three seats

On August 24, Beijing time, the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament at Shenyang Station entered the third competition day at the Shenyang Pool Club on the 9th floor. In the women’s quarter-finals, Zhang Xiaotong, Cong Jing, Baige and Yu Hong successfully defeated their opponents and advanced to the semifinals. Among the top 8 men’s teams, Liaoning and Heilongjiang players each had three seats, and the other two were awarded by Tianjin and Henan. Players get.

In the women’s quarter-finals, Bai Ge, Cong Jing, and Zhang Xiaotong all defeated their opponents to advance to the semi-finals relatively easily. As soon as the game ended, Cong Jing and Bai Ge ran to the practice platform to continue preparing for the battle. In the semifinals, Baige and Cong Jing will compete for a final ticket. The most intense match of this round was between Hong and Liu Shuxia. Yu Hong was the top 8 player in the last race, and Liu Shuxia, as a sideline player, also played well in this competition. There was a tug of war between the two. After a 5 to 5 tie, Yu Hong scored two points in a row and finally won.

The men’s quarter-finals began at noon. The match between defending champion Li Hewen against Hebei champion Zhang Daowei attracted a large number of spectators. The first four games were evenly divided between the two sides, each with two points. At this time, Li Hewen began to control the game and soon won 9-4. Shi Xin’s match against Chen Qiang was also a focus battle. In the end, Shi Xin won 9-6 and advanced to the top 8. In the match between Liu Yang and Qiu Paomou, Liu Yang, who was in excellent form, started very smoothly, leading 6-0 and taking the lead in the match point 8-2. Qiu Paomou, who was catching up, scored four points in a row, but in the end Liu Yang was still cleared in the 15th inning, and was out of the game with a 6-9 defeat.

In other games, Zhang Guanghao defeated Li Chuang 9-5, Yu Ting eliminated Zheng Yubo 9-4, Li Zhongwei beat Song Binhui 9-5, Ji Yushi lost to Liu Yong 7-9. The men’s quarter-finals will be held at 3 pm, and will face off as follows: Li Hewen vs. Liu Yong, Yu Ting vs. Liu Yang, Shi Xin vs. Zhang Guanghao, Liu Chuang vs. Li Zhongwei.

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