Li Xing missed 147 points, 5-6, and Ryan Dai missed the top 8 of the British Championships

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association Beijing time on the early morning of December 7th, the 2017 Snooker Championship 1/8 finals, Chinese player Li Xing missed a shot of 147 points, 5-6 regret to lose Welshman Ryan Day, missed second place The top 8 in the rankings.

This year there was a massive explosion of Chinese players. Li Xing, who was born in 1990, was one of them. At the China Championships, he finally achieved a new breakthrough in the ninth year after he transferred to the profession, breaking into the semi-finals of a major ranking tournament for the first time, and rising to 38th in the world ranking.

The British Championship is the second largest ranking tournament in the tradition. The previous best result of Li Xing was only the third round. This year, taking advantage of this momentum, he showed stronger conviction. In the last round, he beat the world No. 1 Selby finisher and Scottish rookie Donaldson 6-1, and the Welsh player Ryan Day met in the fourth round.

Coincidentally, the 37-year-old Ryan Day has just achieved a breakthrough and won his first ranking championship in his career at the Riga Masters. Similarly, he is also determined to win this game. It can be expected that this is a life-and-death contest.

As expected, the game was full of gunpowder from the beginning. Ryan Day won the first game of attrition 59-49. In the second game, Li Xing made an impact with a full score of 147 on his first stroke of his career. As a result, he lost 120 points on a single stroke in the final yellow ball. However, this did not affect his offensive rhythm, and then he added 83 and 56 points in a single shot, leading the opponent 3-1 before the break.

The Welshman got better when he returned from a break, with 54 points in a single stroke to avoid further widening the difference. In the sixth inning, Ryan Day scored 67 points in one stroke. Li Xing did not give up, 72-71 only 1 point advantage to extinguish the opponent’s counterattack, and continued to lead the opponent 4-2 in two games.

However, Li Xing felt cold afterwards, and Ryan Day lost the opportunity to win three games in a row, during which he added 65 and 60 points in a single stroke to overtake 5-4 and win the match point first. In the tenth game, Li Xing was very dangerous. At that time, Ryan Daishang kept scoring, but Li Xing took advantage of his 53-point turnover to reverse the game 66-53 and drag the game into a decisive game in one fell swoop.

It is a pity that Li Xing had no chance to play in the deciding game. Ryan Dai killed 138 points in a single shot, so Li Xing lost 5-6 regrettably and missed the second big game to break into the top 8.

At the same time in another game, Joe Perry defeated No. 6 seed Mark Allen 6-4 and broke into the quarterfinals against Maguire. So far, the fourth round of the game is halfway, and only two seeds remain on the field at this British Championships, the No. 5 seed Murphy, and the No. 7 seed O’Sullivan. The two will hit the top 8 in the next game day. At the same time, Chinese players Xiao Guodong and Lu Haotian are rushing to new highs in the top eight, the former against Gould and the latter against Joyce.

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