Star player Ding Junhui is crowned for the first time in Wales, Selby breaks three hundred in the final and is still Quya

In the early morning of February 20th, Beijing time, the 2012 Snooker Welsh Open ended at the Newport Center. The star player Ding Junhui, who took a 5-3 lead in the first half, maintained his fiery touch in the second stage, blasting two shots and breaking the 100, and finally withstood the pressure to defeat Selby 9-6 and won the eighth career trophy. Won the fifth ranking championship.

The match was judged by Malta referee Camirelli. In the first game, Ding Junhui scored a single red ball and missed the pink ball in the bag. After Selby finished the game and scored 21 points, he lightly posted the green ball and started snooker. Ding Junhui was penalized for three consecutive failed attempts during the defensive process. After that, Selby got an offensive opportunity and shot 103 points to clear the first game, leading 1-0. At the beginning of the second game, Selby missed the chance after two misses. Ding Junhui started to adjust the position with a coffee ball, and then kept scoring around the high-scoring colored ball. After the “Chinese Prodigy” hit a 64-point shot, the over-scoring black ball accidentally stopped at the mouth of the pocket, leaving 67 points on the table. Selby scored one red and one black through the middle bag, and was forced to defend due to poor positioning. Ding Junhui scored a red ball and a pink ball at a critical moment, and won the second game by overscores, tying the score 1-1.

In the third game, Ding Junhui failed to miss the ball from the far stage. Selby easily started and cleared the stage again, bringing the big score to a 2-1 lead with 124 points. At the beginning of the fourth game, the two sides started a defensive battle. Ding Junhui hit the red ball in the far table, and the offense was interrupted after 16 points. After that, it was difficult for both sides to achieve continuous attacks. After a short attack and defense, Ding Junhui temporarily led 45-16. Selby cleared all the red balls and started to clean up the colored balls. The key green ball made a mistake. Ding Junhui took the stage and scored green-brown-blue, and the super pink ball stopped at the mouth of the bag. Selby needed to clear the table in order to score, and after easily scoring the pink ball, Selby made a black ball error. In the end, Ding Junhui withstood the pressure and scored a black ball, winning the fourth game with difficulty, and once again equalized the big score 2-2 before the intermission.

After returning to the fifth game in midfield, Ding Junhui scored 40 points and then dropped the cue ball. The two made a mistake and fell into defense for a while. Selby scored with a red ball from the far table. After 21 points, he turned to attack due to poor position. After that, the two consecutive offenses did not exceed 10 points, and Selby made a red ball error that allowed Ding Junhui to score 13 points in a row to achieve overscore. Ding Junhui led by 29 points, with 22 points left on the table. Selby succeeded in forcing his opponent to score a coffee ball after a four-point penalty, trying to do snooker through the blue ball, but the cue ball did not ideally go behind the black ball. After a few snooker shots, the cue ball was not very coordinated. In the end, Ding Junhui scored a mid-bag basketball over-point, leading 3-2 for the first time.

In the sixth game, Ding Junhui quickly got started and easily won with a 90-point stroke, expanding the lead 4-2. In the seventh game, Selby scored 66 points to get one city back, 3-4 behind. In the eighth game, Ding Junhui took the lead to score 56 points, and both sides fell into defense again. In the end, Ding Junhui scored the key coffee ball and got a 5-3 temporary lead at the end of the first stage.

In the second stage, their offensive strength increased unabated. Selby and Ding Junhui took the big score to 6-4 with 73 and 83 points, respectively. Ding Junhui maintained a two-game lead. In the eleventh game, Selby scored another 91 points in a single shot, chasing after and lagging behind by 5-6.

In the twelfth inning, Ding Junhui scored 130 points in a single stroke, which was his first break in this final and the first game in this station. The big score was 7-5 to maintain the lead. In the thirteenth game, Ding Junhui, who was more and more courageous in the Vietnam War, scored a second consecutive break with a score of 124 points to bring the big score to an 8-5 lead and get the match point. Ding Junhui, who hit the top 100, was full of confidence, and at the last moment he also enjoyed his pole performance. In the fourteenth inning, Selby, who was good at playing headwind, withstood the pressure and scored 145 points, breaking the highest single-stroke record of this tournament, saving a match point and falling behind by 6-8.

In the fifteenth game, both sides felt a little deadlock and entered the game very slowly. In the end, Ding Junhui scored 42 points at the moment when the small score was 5-11 temporarily behind. He attacked again from 53 points and achieved overscores many times. In the end, he beat Selby with a big score 9-6 and won the fifth of his career. Ranking winners.

Ding Junhui was born in 2005. At that time, a young teenager who was competing with a wild card broke into the final of the China Open with a dark horse. Since then, Ding Junhui won the British Championships trophy twice and successfully crowned the Northern Ireland Cup. This time to win the Welsh Open championship, it has been 13 months since the previous championship (the 2011 Masters). At the same time, Ding Junhui, who had only used the last set of Champions League next month to get tickets for the Super League championship next season, has no pressure to participate. With this victory, Ding Junhui won 5,000 points and 30,000 pounds in prize money, surpassing Maguire in the world rankings and rebounded to seventh place.

In a live interview after the game, Selby told the emcee Walker quite generously that although he had scored more breaks and single shots in the game, Ding Junhui’s strength should not be underestimated. I had a chance to get a 3-1 start, but Ding Junhui was the person who was better able to withstand the pressure at the time, so this champion deserves it. And he can only congratulate, without complaining.

And Ding Junhui, who has always been shy, also changed his previous image in the interview, was more talkative, and even played with humor in the interview. Ding Junhui said that he kept practicing seriously and was very satisfied with the championship, and expressed his gratitude to the audience for their support.

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