Snooker European Masters Zhou Yuelong advances to semi-finals

Yesterday morning, Beijing time, in the quarter-finals of the 2020 Snooker European Masters, the 22-year-old Chinese teenager Zhou Yuelong defeated Hawkins, currently ranked 12th in the world, 5-2 with his outstanding performance and advanced to the semi-finals. He will face Gary Wilson in the semifinals. In the other semifinal, “Melbourne Machine” Robertson faced “Captain” Carter.

The day of the game was Zhou Yuelong’s 22nd birthday, and he also celebrated his birthday with a wonderful victory. In this competition, Zhou Yuelong defeated “Golden Left” Mark Williams and Welsh player Page in the first two rounds to advance to the quarterfinals. Facing Hawkins, who had eliminated Selby before, Zhou Yuelong, now ranked 32nd in the world, quickly entered the state. He won four games in a row, led by 4:0 and won the match point. The third and fourth innings were played separately. 76 points in a stroke and 78 points in a single stroke. Although Hawkins then stubbornly pulled two games in a row, Zhou Yuelong did not hesitate at the critical moment. He scored 113 points to win the seventh game and defeated Hawkins 5-2. After the 2017 European Masters, he was second in his career. Breaking into the semi-finals of the ranking competition. Next, Zhou Yuelong will launch an impact on the first ranked finals seat of his career. Gary Wilson continued to show a good state this round, scoring 95 points, 104 points, 105 points, and 105 points in a single stroke, defeating the famous Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun 5:3 to advance to the semi-finals.

After the game, Zhou Yuelong said, “It’s very important to win the second game. After that, I played more and more relaxed. Even when the opponent chased the score to 2:4, I stayed focused and waited for the opportunity. Fortunately, I seized the opportunity. Winning. In this game, Coach Wu Wenzhong helped me a lot, especially for my self-confidence.” In the other two quarters, Robertson beat Tachaia 5:1 and Carter beat 5:1 Donaldson. (Reporter Liang Bin)

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