Cao Yupeng reversal to advance to the top 32 in the China Tour, Zhong Lin and Chen Feilong staged a Derby in the next round

On the evening of September 3, 2017, the top 32 list of the CBSA China Professional Snooker Tour Baoying International Open was released. Zhang Anda, Zhong Lin, Chen Zhe, Jureti, Fan Zhengyi, Cao Yupeng and others defeated their opponents to advance .

The No. 1 seed of the event, Zhang Anda, currently ranked No. 1 in CBSA China Snooker, faced Corning, who had won the Beijing Snooker Ranking Championship this round. As a result, Zhang Anda defeated his opponent 4-2 and was the first to advance. Sichuan veteran Zhong Lin defeated Ouyang Shuji 4-1. Chen Feilong defeated Meng Yingjiu with the same score. Tomorrow, the two players will play the Sichuan Derby in the 32 to 16 round. Song Yang, another Sichuan player, made Tao Rongming zero in this round and became the third Sichuan player to enter the top 32.

Geng Mingqi from CBSA World Snooker Academy was blocked by Zhu Hong in today’s game. The two players entangled until the final game. Geng Mingqi defeated his opponent in a thrilling manner and advanced. In the next round, he will play against horse soldiers from Xinjiang.

In a match in the afternoon, Mei Xiwen played against Chang Bingyu, who is currently ranked 20th in CBSA Zhongqing, and the two sides also fought to the decisive game. In the end, the teenager defeated Mei Xiwen and wrote his name in the top 32. In the list. Today, Fang Xiongman, who was in an abnormal state, competed with Liu Jiaming. During the game, Fang Xiongman made many mistakes and was defeated by a score of 0-4 in just one hour.

Shinco’s IBSF World Youth Championship, quasi-world snooker professional Fan Zhengyi faced Jiangsu expert Li Chun in today’s game, and Fan Zhengyi defeated his opponent 4-1 to advance. In the next round, Fan Zhengyi will face Chongqing player Chen Ruifu, who eliminated Tian Chunming 4-2 in today’s game to advance.

In the evening game, the active world professional snooker player Cao Yupeng played against Wu Shengguang from the CBSA World Snooker Academy. Wu Shengguang played well in the first half of the game, leading his opponent 2-0 at one time. Although Cao Yupeng won 4 games in a row, the process was not easy. In the sixth game, when there was only a black goal ball left on the table, the two sides launched an offensive and defensive battle. At the last moment, Cao Yupeng scored the black ball and only beat the opponent by 1 point, winning the game in a thrilling manner.

In other respects, He Guoqiang lost 4-0 to veteran Cao Kaisheng, Liu Yiqi lost to Jiang Wang 2-4, Li Yan lost to Wu Xiangyang 2-4, Jure said that Wu Ze played the role of a dark horse in the Fuzhou Station of the China Tour last season. Zhang Jiankang’s 4-2 overturned horses in this round, Rouzi Maimat 4-3 lore Yin Xiaowei from the CBSA World Snooker Academy to catch the last train of promotion.

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