Xingpai Team Haikou Tournament Prove its Strength Chinese Billiards Points Tournament Will Start

The “Star Cup” Snooker Haikou World Open successfully ended in Haikou in March. This competition was named and hosted by Xingpai. Through this competition, the Xingpai team proved their strength in the operation and organization of the event. Next, the Xingpai tournament team will fully devote themselves to the work of the Chinese billiards points match.

From the establishment of the factory in 1987 to the successful holding of the Haikou World Open. Xingpai has sponsored countless competitions, but has never had experience in running and organizing large-scale international competitions. In order to fill this gap, Xingpai formed its own event team in October last year, and made the Haikou World Open the first event after the event team was established. This can be imagined for the challenges of an emerging team. From the establishment of the team in October, to the signing of the tripartite agreement between the Small Ball Sports Management Center, the World Taiwan Federation and Xingpai in January, and the start of the competition in February, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival will be excluded during these five months. A big holiday, the time left for the star tournament team is very short.

According to Li Danri, the head of the Xingpai event team, the Xingpai event team needs to complete a large amount of planning, outreach, venue, competition, media, reception, etc. within 5 months. In order to be able to concentrate manpower and material resources to run the competition, the investment promotion of this competition has even been put on hold, and investment promotion will become one of the most important tasks for the competition next year. Before the start of the competition, the team’s staff were all devoted to selfless enthusiasm. Almost no one had slept before 2 am, and some had a record of 40 hours of continuous work. Of course, the final success of the game is even more inseparable from the small ball sports management center and the strong support of the Haikou Municipal Party Committee and Government.

On March 4, the Haikou World Open officially ended. This seven-day event was recognized by the World Taiwan Federation and the Small Ball Sports Management Center. The Director of the World Taiwan Federation’s Business Department Myers even gave an evaluation that “the event does not need to be improved”. It is worth mentioning that the design of the game arena for this game has been particularly affirmed by many third parties. The number 1 table on which the table is arranged for live video is located on one side of the stadium, and the other three tables are arranged side by side on the other side of the schedule. There is no block between the tables. . In terms of visual effects, the Xingpai event team referred to the layout of APEC and BRIC meetings, and adopted a blue background with white letters to create a clean, refreshing and eye-catching feeling visually.

For a team that independently hosted such a large-scale international competition for the first time, of course, the results of the work could not be perfect. The venue and environment of this competition were questioned by some players and the media. In this regard, Li Danri, head of the Xingpai event team, also explained, “We inspected four gymnasiums in Haikou. The gymnasium on Guoxing Road in Haikou is too small to accommodate enough spectators; the Haikou Convention and Exhibition Center is allocated The setting is not in place, and there is even no place for the audience to use the toilet; there are many pillars supporting the building inside the Hainan Convention and Exhibition Center, and there is no way to build a venue. Considering the current Haikou Stadium is the most appropriate.”

“The Haikou Gymnasium was built in the 90s and is relatively old. Specific to the event, the most important thing is the floor problem. Players step on it will be louder. We also took this into consideration and deliberately added a plastic cushion under the carpet, but it seems that the effect is not Very good, but we have a five-year contract with Haikou Stadium, and we will strive to make changes in the future.” Regarding another environmental issue that has attracted much attention, Li Danri said that wet and dry weather is a natural problem, but it is specific to the stadium. The interior can be solved by air conditioning and exhaust in the stadium, and we will also make improvements in the future.

Through this Haikou World Open, Xingpai’s event team has been tempered and proved Xingpai’s ability to organize and host high-level international events. Li Danri said that Xingpai’s team will summarize and improve this game, and strive to contribute to a better game in 2013. At the same time, the Xingpai event team is about to put into the preparations for another big competition-the Chinese billiards points match.

Li Danri said that the Haikou World Open has increased the influence of Chinese billiards in the world, and Chinese billiards are closer to the domestic fans and the market, which will help the development of the domestic billiards market. We can use the star brand to cover the whole country. The network will make the event bigger. According to Li Danri, the Chinese-style billiards points match has been approved by the Small Ball Sports Management Center. It is expected that four to five stations will be held within the year, and the prize money for the single station championship will reach 50,000 yuan.

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