Ding Junhui is out: Eye disease has an impact. I considered retiring but I am a player

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association On the evening of October 30, 2017, the first round of the World Snooker International Championships ushered in a focus game. Chinese player Ding Junhui lost 4-6 in the match with Oliver Lynes and stopped. Top 64.

At the 2017 National Championships, Ding Junhui first appeared on the red carpet show. Ding Junhui, who played as the finale at the time, appeared in sunglasses. In an interview, Ding Junhui said that he was wearing sunglasses because his eyes were swollen.

Last night, Ding Junhui faced off against Chen Zhe, his qualifier opponent. The match ended in the early hours of the morning. Ding Junhui defeated his compatriots with a score of 6-3 and advanced to the main match. Tonight, Ding Junhui made his appearance again, and it was close to 0 o’clock to complete the game. This time the score was 4-6, and last year’s national championship runner-up was eliminated.

In this game, both players scored very fragmented. Ding Junhui scored 62 points in the fourth game, and Oliver scored 70+ in the eighth and tenth innings.

Ding Junhui, who was sitting at the press conference, allowed reporters to see his swollen left eye up close, and reporters and fans were most concerned about Ding Junhui’s “injury.” “There will be some influence,” Ding Junhui said.

“Recently, I’ve been in a good state, but due to the influence of my eyes, some balls are still not clear. I still play at my own pace. This will cause more mistakes.”

At the end of the national championship tour, Ding Junhui will also play in the championship and the Shanghai Masters. Ding Junhui with eye problems is worrying. “I need some emotional release. I was released during the game, but it doesn’t mean that I will do this every time I play.”

For everyone, eyes are very important, especially a snooker player. “I go to see my eyes every day, and the doctor said it takes a week to recover.”

At the post-match press conference, Ding Junhui admitted frankly that he had considered withdrawing from the National Championships because of eye problems. “But I am a player, I practice to play games.” Ding Junhui showed the qualities of a professional player.

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