Masters Bingham beats Yum Carter at the buzzer and becomes the oldest champion in history

In the early morning of January 20th, Beijing time, in the final of the 2020 Snooker Masters, Bingham and Carter fought a battle. After five times, the leader changed hands. In the end, Bingham relied on his belated personal this year. The first shot of the game broke 100 as the end, beating Carter 10-8, winning the Masters championship trophy for the first time.

Bingham and Carter have participated in the Masters 9 times and 11 times respectively, but this year is the first time to enter the finals. No matter who wins the championship, both sides will be the 24th champion in the event. In terms of the promotion process, Bingham also ended the battle with a wave of 5-0 in the first two rounds. He defeated Mark Williams and Karen Wilson successively. Especially in the second game, Bingham was 1-4 behind. After completing the reversal, he easily defeated Gilbert, his long-time defeat.

On the other hand, for Carter, this Masters Tournament is undoubtedly a lucky plus strength. As the beneficiary of O’Sullivan’s willful retirement, Carter, ranked 17th in the world, had a stable overall performance in the previous three games as a substitute. Counterattack all the way to the finals, eliminated Selby, Higgins and Sean Murphy three Grand Slam players, six small crowns, personally killed half.

The two players born in the 70s have already played against each other 27 times. Ali Carter has the upper hand with 15 wins, 11 losses, 1 draw, but it is worth noting that from the 2016 Shanghai Masters to last year’s 6 Red Ball World Championships, Bingham has completed seven consecutive victories against Carter, and the points difference is relatively large. In these seven games, Carter has never won more than 3 games.

In this final, both sides performed more rigorously. After a period of defensive battle, Bingham took the lead in scoring, but soon made a mistake. Carter directly scored 124 points in a single shot and made himself a strong one. In the opening game, this was also his first breakthrough performance in this tournament; in the second round, the style changed and turned into Carter’s turnover and Bingham show offense. He evened the score with 75 points.

In the next round, both sides sent each other several opportunities. In the end, Bingham succeeded in overtaking the score. In the 4th round, Carter, who entered the round early, played seven sets of red + black, but static electricity appeared when he hit the seventh black ball. But then he regained the ball again and let the two sides enter the first period of inter-inning with a score of 2-2. After coming back, Carter scored 93 points on a single stroke. It was a pity that he could not break the 100 again, but he succeeded in surpassing the score again.

The process of the 6th inning was relatively long. The offensive power changed hands many times until the last black ball was played. Carter turned the bag and left a chance. Bingham succeeded in one stroke; then “Shark” scored another 50 points and successfully won. , The game changed the leading side for the third time; in the final game of the first stage, neither player could win by one stroke. After a period of defense, Bingham still frightened the four-seater to put the yellow ball and then finished. The overscore, 5-3, became the leader of this stage, and the score difference was opened to two games for the first time.

It seemed that the fighting spirit was aroused by the last wave of 0-3 in the first stage. After returning from the second stage, Stubborn Carter responded with a strong 4-0 spurt and hit 95 in the 11th and 12th innings. And 133 points, while also allowing himself to lead again; after waiting for two hours in the evening time, Bingham won his first game with 64 points on a single stroke; after the most difficult time, Bingham immediately With an additional 85 points, the score was tied to 7-7, and the competition gradually heated up.

In the 15th game, Carter terminated the attack after scoring 26 points. After that, Bingham played and scored several difficult goals, once again turning the leader into himself; Bingham, who was more and more courageous in the Vietnam War, quickly started in the next game. He scored 88 points, and he was able to stay calm after his opponent’s four-game winning streak, and he responded with a 4-0 wave. The mentality was real. And at this time, he has taken the lead in getting the match point. However, the game did not end so easily. Carter, who was bored for a long time, took advantage of his opponent’s mistakes shortly after the start of the 17th game and quickly shot 77 points to maintain suspense.

However, Bingham did not leave a chance for his opponent anymore. After winning the attacking opportunity in the 18th game, he withstood the pressure all the way and solved the problem many times. In the end, he shot his personal first shot of this competition and broke 100. It was long overdue, but it appeared at the most needed moment. 10-8, Bingham won the victory and won the Masters Championship trophy for the first time-the Paul Hunter Cup.

This is the second three championships of the world champion Bingham. He is one British championship away from the Grand Slam and has the opportunity to become the next “little crown” wearer. In addition, he has also won the Masters Championship. The oldest record. Carter almost wrote the legend of winning the championship as a substitute. It is a pity that Carter, who can conquer the sky and conquer the disease, still has not conquered the three major tournaments.

The high score performance of both sides in this field:

Bingham: 75, 66, 50, 64, 85, 58, 88, 109

Carter: 126, 56, 93, 95, 133, 77

Bonus distribution (GBP):

Champion: 250,000

Runner-up: 100000

Top 4: 60000

Top 8: 30000

Top 16: 15,000

Highest single-stroke score: 15000-David Gilbert 144 points

Source: Pool Gang

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