Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Men’s Semifinals Li Hewen wins Liu Yang finals and Liu Chuang

On August 25, Beijing time, the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament at Shenyang Station entered the final competition day at the Shenyang Pool Club on the 9th floor. In the men’s semifinals, the last champion Li Hewen defeated Liu Yang 11-7 to enter the final. In the other semi-final, Liu Chuang narrowly defeated Shi Xin 11-10.

In the first three rounds of the game, Liu Yang temporarily led 2-1. In the 4th game, Liu Yang took the lead to clear the full-color ball, but made a mistake in the position of the No. 8 ball. Li Hewen then took advantage of the defense to get the opportunity to clear the table and tie the score to 2-2. In the 5th game, Liu Yang took the lead after defensive in the opening stage, but both sides made offensive errors in this game. Li Hewen scored another point, 3 to 2. In the 6th inning, Li Hewen rushed the ball and did not pocket the ball. Liu Yang took over and tied the score 3 to 3. In the 7th inning, Liu Yang fouled the cue ball while attacking, and Li Hewen rewritten the score to 4 to 3. In the 8th inning, Liu Yang missed the No. 8 ball in the bag. After the defense, Li Hewen scored the No. 8 ball, 5 to 3.

In the 9th inning, Liu Yang rushed the ball and still did not get the ball, but Li Hewen was a little lax in the face of the open table. He could only surrender the ball when he made a mistake in position. Liu Yang made another mistake in the attack. Li Hewen expanded the score to 6-3. In the 10th game, the situation after Li Hewen rushed the ball was not very ideal. After making the defense, Liu Yang successfully took the group ball. However, he made another mistake when hitting the No. 8 ball. Li Hewen used the defense to get the ball in his hand but attacked in the middle. An error occurred in the middle, Liu Yang successfully solved the 8th ball, 4 to 6. In the 11th game, the two sides struggled with the last three balls for a long time. Lee Hewen rewritten the score to 7-4 with two consecutive long-range attacks. In the 12th inning, Li Hewen cleared Taiwan and scored another point, 8 to 4.

In the 13th inning, Liu Yang finally got a point, 5 to 8. In the 14th inning, the two sides experienced a defensive battle. Although Liu Yang missed the attack on the 8th ball, Li Hewen did not make it into the long platform. Liu Yang rewritten the score to 6-8. In the 15th round, Liu Yang finished the clearing again, 7-8. In the 16th game, Li Hewen made a mistake in the offense, but Liu Yang’s offense failed to score. Li Hewen cleared the table and scored another point, 9-7. In the 17th game, Liu Yang still had problems on the offensive end. Li Hewen cleared the stage to get the match point, 10 to 7. In the 18th game, Lee Hewen opened the situation through a long platform attack and finally completed the clearing of the platform, winning 11 to 7 and advancing to the final.

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