Zhou Yuelong enters the quarterfinals 5-2 in the China Championships, will fight Murphy and Jin advances with left hand

The official website of the China Billiards Association News on August 19, the 2017 Snooker China Championship entered the third round. In the afternoon game, the Chinese teenager Zhou Yuelong defeated the spectacle man Martin Gould 5-2 to enter the quarter-finals. Competing for the semi-final seat with Magician Sean Murphy, who beat Stephen Maguire 5-0 to advance to the quarterfinals. In addition, Kim left hand Mark Williams 5-3 defeated Tom Ford and broke into next round.


The afternoon session ushered in the world championship finisher-Chinese teenager Zhou Yuelong, and his opponent was Martin Gould, currently ranked 17th in the world. The game started at two points. Gould kicked off in the first game. The two sides entered the mid-game defensive battle. During the game, Gould scored 39 points twice. Gould made Snow when there were two red balls on the table. K, Zhou Yuelong missed the chance for a foul, Gould cleared the red ball but the yellow ball was in poor position and made an offensive error. Gould took another shot in the competition for the colored ball, but the simple ball error of the coffee ball ruined the victory. Zhou Yuelong took over and cleared the table. Win the first game 64-59.

In the second game, Zhou Yuelong scored 25 points and went poorly and missed the chance to attack. Gould scored 16 points and attacked the red ball and missed the chance to send it. Zhou Yuelong scored 26 points again. The remaining four red balls were two. People started to defensive stalemate. After a while, Gould made an offensive error and left a chance. Zhou Yuelong got the start to complete the overscore with 63-25. Gould tried snooker but failed, Zhou Yuelong rewritten the score to 2-0.

At the beginning of the third game, Gould hit a red ball to the pocket. Zhou Yuelong scored the red ball on the long platform and got 9 points and then turned to defense. After one round, Zhou Yuelong attacked through the far platform and scored 35 points to handle the ball. The stack effect was not good and the offense was interrupted. After that, Gould shot a single 86 to clear the table and pulled back a round. After the kick-off of the fourth game, the two people played the red ball very scattered in the defense. Zhou Yuelong’s thin ball offensively missed the goal and stopped in the pocket. Gould first got 9 points and then made a mistake. Zhou Yuelong After taking over 12 points, they made mistakes and failed to continue scoring. The two men caught up in the tug-of-war beat the remaining six red balls and the battle was 27-14. At this time, Gould’s one-shot offense left a good situation. Opponent, Zhou Yuelong collected four red balls to take a 48-14 lead and made a tight snooker. After Gould made two mistakes in solving the ball, Zhou Yuelong took the red ball twice and won the over-point victory, and the score expanded to 3-1. .

After a break in the game, the second half went into the second half. In the fifth game, Gould’s cue ball sank to the bottom and missed a red ball near the bottom. Zhou Yuelong scored 36 points and made a simple ball error. Gould took over and scored 34 points. The ball made a mistake, Zhou Yuelong then started again to expand the score to 4-1 73-34, and got the match point of the game. In the sixth game, Zhou Yuelong made a slightly thicker cue ball and stopped in the middle stage when he hit the red ball back to the defense in the opening stage. Gould scored the red ball into the bottom pocket and went straight to a 72-point victory with a single shot. The score came to 2-4. When the seventh game was 14-6, Zhou Yuelong seized the opportunity to score 51 points in a single shot again. The simple offensive error of the pink ball in the pocket gave the opponent a chance to come on stage. Gould failed to grasp the chance of a comeback. Zhou Yuelong 5- 2 Win the game.

In the other games at the same time, Magician Sean Murphy defeated Stephen Maguire in five straight games. Maguire was reversed by his opponent with 62 points after 55 points in the first game. He was buried for failure. After making the foreshadowing, Murphy scored two 50+ shots and a 100 break and won four games in a row to win the entire game. Two-time World Championship champion Mark Williams defeated Tom Ford 5-3. Williams scored 64 points in a single shot in the first game and scored a 2-0 lead in two consecutive cities. Ford pulled two consecutive cities and retaliated with a single shot. 70 points. At the beginning of the second half, Williams scored another 64 points in a single stroke and won two consecutive games to get the match point. Ford saved a match point with 67 points in a single stroke. After the eighth inning, Williams secured the victory with 58 points in a single stroke. The game. The talented Belgian teenager Luca Brechel defeated Mike Dunn 5-3. Dunn scored 62 points in the fourth inning. Brecher scored 50+ in the second and fifth innings. .

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