The first day of the 2017 Snooker World Open: Ding Junhui and Robertson entered the main race strongly, Liang Wenbo turned the world and joined Selby to advance

On September 18, Xingpai, China, Shangrao, Yushan “Sanqingshan” Cup 2017 Snooker World Open held 23 games covering wild card rounds, qualifying rounds and the first round of the race. Among them, Williams, Neil Robertson, Wollaston, Alberton and other players advanced to the top 32. Chinese players Ma Chunmao and Hu Hao advanced from the wild card round. Selby, Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo defeated their opponents. Qualification for the race.

In the morning game, Mark Williams, known as “the most accurate man in the world,” ushered in the first opponent of the Open Championship-currently ranked 47th in the world, Matthew Stevens. In the same hot state, Williams took the absolute lead in the first three games. In the fourth game, Williams lived up to the reputation of “the most accurate man” and won the fourth game with a score of 126 per shot. After a short break, Williams scored 64 points on a single stroke, won the fifth game at 74:16 and swept his opponent 5-0 into the next round.

Of the 7 games played in the afternoon, two of the qualifying rounds attracted special attention. The world’s number one Selby played against the currently ranked 90th Thai player Krisan Nout and the 14th ranked Chinese player Liang Wenbo Against the 115th-ranked Thai player Akani, the seemingly unsuspecting game was intractable and even a little thrilling.

In the match between Selby and Krisa Ennut, Selby didn’t seem to feel good at the start. Fortunately, this state did not last long. With a shot into a difficult combination, Selby The state began to pick up and scored consecutive points and successfully won the first game. In the next game, Kryssan Ennut counterattacked strongly, and the two cities in a row led the score. At the beginning of the fourth game, Selby did not lose the world’s first character, and also won three consecutive games with color, and made a strong force in the end of the match point to take the game strongly.

Liang Wenbo against Akani, Liang Wenbo always trailed his opponent throughout the game, and struggled to catch up to a 4-4 tie. The consecutive mistakes of Akani in the match point gave Liang Wenbo many opportunities. In the end, Liang Wenbo lived up to expectations and turned 5-4. game.

In the game that night, facing England player Miahha, Ding Junhui was in a fierce state. The first three games were 107:0, 73:0, 103:0. Entering the fourth game, Miaha only got the first point of the game. In the next game, Miaha tried to restore the decline to no avail. In the end Ding Junhui won the fourth game with a score of 61:21. Subsequently, due to multiple errors, Ding Junhui gave up five games, but in the match point game, Ding Junhui recovered the state and knocked the score 82-7, the big score 5-1 took away the game. In another game at the same time, Robertson also defeated his opponent 5-1 and entered the next round.

After the game, in an interview, Ding Junhui said that his opponent gave him many opportunities, so it was more obvious to take the lead. Although Miaha was trying hard to catch up in the end, he fell behind too much, leading to the loss of the game. Speaking of Higgins winning the 29th ranked championship at the Indian Open, Ding Junhui believes that Higgins is a legend in the snooker world and the best player in Scotland, so he is not very surprised that he won the championship. Finally, Ding Junhui said: “This is my third time to play in Yushan, every time I come and go in a hurry, I hope this time I can enjoy the game in Yushan.”

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