Masters Murphy 6-4 into the top 8 will be a quasi-shen

News from the official website of the China Billiards Association The 2018 Snooker Masters continues the first round of confrontation. Murphy took a 4-0 lead and encountered a strong counterattack, and Carter made a solid counterattack 4-1. But in the end, the magician passed the risk 6-4 and advanced to the top 8 to face the “quasi-god” Trump in the quarter-finals.

Murphy won the World Championships in 2005 and the British Championships in 2008. In 2015, he was crowned champion at the Masters, thus becoming one of the only three Grand Slam players born in the 80s. But in the next two years, he took two rounds in a row.

He has been steadily improving this season, as can be seen from the ranking record. As of now, he has reached the finals three times during the season, although all ended in runner-up, the title of “Mr. Stability” is well-deserved. In contrast, Carter is a far cry. He has only two quarter-finals in the Masters in his career. He has only reached the quarter-finals once in the rankings this season. There are indications that the balance of this game is on Murphy’s side.

As expected, Murphy won four consecutive games in the opening game. During the third and fourth games, he scored 119 and 87 points in a single stroke. After the innings, Carter got better, returning 99 points and 110 points in a single stroke, and the score was reduced to 2-4.

Murphy, currently ranked 6th in the world, took over the game again, scoring the seventh game with 93 points in a single stroke and winning the match point 5-2. Carter, ranked 13th, launched a Jedi counterattack. With a single stroke of 50 points and 93 points, he won two match points. After a 4-1 counterattack against his opponent, the score was reduced to 4-5, only one game.

The magician made another heavy hand, and in the tenth game, he grasped the captain’s one-shot error and won with 76 points and one shot, so Murphy won 6-4 and advanced to the top 8. In the quarter-finals, Murphy will have a showdown with Trump.

4-0 lead but was forced to 5-4! After the game, Murphy looked lingering. “The score between the innings is really good. I shouldn’t have won all four innings. After midfield, Ali (Carter) played a really good side.”

Murphy said that no one wants to go home and sit on the sofa. Although the game is tense, it is also very enjoyable. “I like to play here, the fans are very good, and the atmosphere here is also very good.” In the Masters, in addition to the 2015 champion, Murphy also made one final, two top 4s and four top 8s.

Next round, Murphy will face Trump, one of the favorites. “Judd (Trump) is a very good player. His single-stroke scoring ability is second only to Ronnie (O’Sullivan). I will play my own ball and get 6 ahead of him.”

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