Hong Kong referees at the Asian Championships praise the internationalization of billiards

From April 7th to 13th, 2015, the Asian Snooker Youth Championship and the Billy Championship were held at the CBSA Snooker Academy at the same time. As an international event, the competition attracted players from many Asian countries and regions, and there were many referees. “International Face”.

Li Ziming, 57, from Hong Kong, is an Asian silver medal referee. In his memory, Billy is a very strange sport. “I saw adults playing Billy in Hong Kong when I was 20, and now they are 60-70 years old.”

“Before I came to this game, I had not been a referee for Billy. It can be said that I have not even watched a complete Billy game. On the night of the 6th, the organizer specially invited senior lecturers to explain Billy rules for us. Including some difficult ball cases that are rare in the game.”

Li Ziming said that this is the second time he has come to Beijing to execute a referee. “The IBSF World Youth Championship was held here (CBSA Snooker Academy) two years ago. At that time, I was appointed by the Asian-Taiwan Federation to participate in this event.” Two cooperations with Chinese referees gave the Hong Kong referee a chance A lot to understand.

“The Chinese referees are of very high level and make rapid progress.” Li Ziming did not hesitate to praise him. “The Chinese billiards market has developed rapidly in recent years. Many international competitions have been held. Through exchanges with international players and referees, Chinese referees The overall level of the company has improved rapidly.”

Li Ziming, who worked in the police station before retirement, now works as a referee. In his spare time, he actively participates in international competitions and communicates with everyone. He returns to Hong Kong to pass on his knowledge and experience to more people who love the sport. friend.

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