Xingpai National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Station kicks off on July 28 in Gongyi

The 2012 first “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Zhengzhou Station, has already come to an end in May. The high-level stadium, enthusiastic spectators of the Zhengzhou sub-station finals and the extremely high level demonstrated by masters from all walks of life across the country. They are all impressive and endless aftertaste. The billiard craze triggered by this makes Gongyi City, which is affiliated to Zhengzhou City and has ranked first in the county’s comprehensive economic strength for 18 consecutive years in Henan Province, is also envied. Not to be outdone, Gongyi Star Julong Billiards Club finally won the qualification for the Shenyang Ranking Tournament in the fierce competition after active efforts. The game will officially kick off on July 28.

Gongyi County has been ranked among the top 100 economic counties in the country for many years. It has a developed economy, a high standard of living, and is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains. The profound cultural heritage accumulated over thousands of years has given Gongyi an extraordinary atmosphere. And billiards, as an elegant leisure sport with strong colors, which has become more and more popular in recent years, fits well with the positioning of Gongyi County. Therefore, the development of billiards in Gongyi can be said to be very popular, and many high-end ball rooms abound. Among these ball rooms, Julong Star Billiards Club is definitely the highest level among all ball rooms. As soon as he walked into the “Star Cup” Chinese billiards ranking tournament in Gongyi City-Julong Billiards Club, the reporter was attracted by the elegant indoor environment of the ball room, high-end decoration design and relaxed and pleasant leisure atmosphere. attract. The overall atmosphere is elegant and demure. Fans and friends are playing in a relaxed and smooth manner. The smooth and smooth movements and the sharp and sharp goals make the beauty of billiards vivid and vivid.

The overall environment of the Julong Star Billiards Club allows people to temporarily relieve the burden in the busy work and life. The hardware conditions of the ball room make people experience the willingness to jump into it quickly, and enjoy a few games with friends. All 32 billiard tables in the ball room adopt the world famous billiard brand “Xingpai” billiard tables, including 18 Chinese tables, 12 Chinese game tables, 1 Chinese final table, and 1 snooker game table. Fans can easily experience the elegance of the world’s top table “Star” table, and have a world championship-like playing experience. For this National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Julong Billiards Club has spent tremendous efforts and finally won the victory after fierce competition. It is determined to successfully hold this qualifying tournament. Seeing such a high-end and elegant environment, the billiard equipment of the top “star” table and the meticulous and comprehensive preparations of the Julong Billiard Club, the reporter is also convinced that the upcoming Henan Gongyi Qualifying Tournament will surely achieve a complete success.

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