The first day of the cbsa Star Cup Grand Prix, Chu Bingjie, Yang Fan fell into the losing team, Tang Chunxiao also passed the first game

Xingpai Billiards News On December 7th, China·Guizhou·Guiyang 2019CBSA “Xingpai” Cup Chinese Billiards Chinese Grand Prix ended on the first day of the internal competition.

As for men, several popular favorites are in danger. Zhao Ruliang played against Zhang Xiong in the first scene and reversed in five consecutive rounds after being 2-4 behind. Subsequently, he 7-5 Lik Shensi, won the single elimination stage tickets.

Another “post-00” Lei Yiwei’s promotion trajectory is almost the same as that of Zhao Ruliang. Facing the local player Hu Yonggang, Lei Yiwei started the game unexpectedly 0-3, but Lei Yiwei quickly recovered his touch and took away for the next seven games. After the game, he admitted that the turning point was a mistake by his opponent in the sixth game. In the evening, Lei Yiwei and Liu Yonghong faced off, and the scores of the two rose alternately. In the end, Lei Yiwei was 4-5 behind and won three games in a row and successfully advanced.

Chu Bingjie and Yang Fan both fell into defeat. Chu Bingjie faced Xu Haobo. Although he passed 7-3, he made many mistakes in the opening game. In the next encounter with Zhao Hongquan, Chu Bingjie slowed up again, falling behind 0-3. This time he failed to continue the morning’s momentum and was continuously suppressed by Zhao Hongquan, and finally shook hands 3-7 to admit defeat.

Yang Fan defeated Ma Haitao 7-4 to start the journey of Guiyang, facing Wang Yuheng but fell into a hard fight. The match was ups and downs. Yang Fan fell behind 0-2 for a time, and then went on for four consecutive rounds, but was caught by Wang Yuheng. In the final stage, Wang Yuheng played even better and was the first to advance to the single elimination stage. Wang Yuheng attributed the upset to two points: focus and hard work. Wan Tongle and Qiu Paomou have already bid farewell to this event.

Shi Hanqing’s road to promotion went smoothly. In the first game, he swept Wang Ziquan 7-0 in only 40 minutes. In the second round of the night, he beat the famous player Zhu Long 3-3 and brought Chao Lumen and Su Niri, Shan Hongyu and others qualified.

On the women’s side, Tang Chunxiao and Wang also scored a good start with the same score of 5-1. Last year, the runner-up Yuhong defeated Xiong Zhixuan 5-3. Pan Lantian defeated Xia Feizhu 0-5 and fell into the defeat.

According to the schedule, the double elimination phase will end on the evening of December 8, and the single-loss phase draw will be released.

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