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Star billiards table. With the end of snooker season, many fans will turn their attention back to the domestic Chinese billiards arena. I wonder if you have paid attention to the “Zheng Yubo challenge of Chinese billiards” jointly sponsored by China sports and Kangxi Shengshi

As a new one-on-one Chinese billiards challenge in China, both the champion Zheng Yubo and the two station challengers Mike hill and Jason Shaw are the top players in the industry. Can appreciate the high level

Players tit for tat competition, the intention of this game is still very good.

However, if you have seen the whole course of the two races, you may have the following questions, like me, which is the best way to fight? Under the super long game system of 65-33, Zheng Yubo first beat hill by 10 innings, and recently defeated Jason Shaw by 33-15. The point is that no matter who Er Bao fights, he doesn’t even show 100% combat status. In the first stop, he suffers from toothache and diarrhea, and in the second stop, he is patient

The whole process was hot and fragrant. But in this way, he started to pick up, blow up, pick up, blow up, and beat the two crooked opponents.

First of all, in the field of Chinese billiards, Zheng Yubo really has the strength to make people look up to him. It’s no joke that he won the world championship in Yushan for two consecutive years. Especially this year, he won the championship without any suspense. It can be seen from the process of the two stages of the challenge that Er Bao’s idea of clearing Taiwan and control of the white ball have reached an almost impeccable level. If he has more accurate blessing, he only needs one or two strokes to get through the situation and catch the ball

Down any ball can play the routine of both visual sense, so it is difficult to see him play the difficult fairy ball frequently, because he will try to make all the target balls easy

ball。 A “Zheng Yubo Chinese billiards challenge” originally thought there would be sparks, more and more like “Zhang Yining guarantees that you two will not shave your head table tennis challenge”.

But if you want to say that the opponent you invited is Fukuhara Ai, I don’t think so. Let’s break off our fingers and calculate.

First of all, Michael Hill may not be well-known in China, but he is indeed recognized as a talented player in Britain. In the past 15 years, hill has won five titles and two runners up in the British eight ball world championships. Especially since 2015, he has won three titles in four years, which is basically Selby of the British eight. As a comparison, Gareth Potts, who is more familiar with fans, won the championship three times, Chris Merlin won the championship twice, and of course, Mark Selby, who is more familiar with fans, also won the championship in 2006. But in any case, Hill’s current record of five championships is beyond anyone’s expectation. In the field of eight goals in English style, his achievement is really the first person.

Take another look at Jason Shaw. After ten years of steady growth in the American billiards world, Jason Shaw ushered in an outbreak in 2016. In this year, he won more than a dozen Championships, becoming the second largest American player in terms of annual income. In 2017, he jumped to the first place and ushered in the peak of his career. At the same time, he won the Mosconi cup on behalf of the European team in these two years. As a Scottish player, Jason Shaw is almost the best American billiards player in the British Isles and even the whole Europe. In fact, he is regarded as a parallel existence with Zheng Yubo in that field.

However, after all, every other line is like a mountain. As we usually don’t have a long-term systematic training of Chinese billiards, even these two people have won the second place and the third place in the world championships of Chinese billiards, but the gap with Zheng Yubo is still visible. In particular, Jason Shaw in this station, he can’t take advantage of the accuracy of the American style table and the Chinese style table, and the delicate control of the cue ball is not his strong point. In addition, he doesn’t have enough experience in thinking, so he often gives it away

Jason Shaw, who is used to flying in the field of American style, is totally tied up in playing Chinese style, which can’t be made up with a few more hours of practice. To be fair, if this super long game is flat, Zheng Yubo will be happy

Tang Chunxiao, an excellent apprentice, didn’t suffer a loss when he came up to fight Jason Shaw.

All in all, the opponent is not without strength, but to fight like this is basically to make brother gluten throw away the microphone and compete with maladezi in cooking. After the two stops, it’s no exaggeration to say that these foreign players, whether they play American style or British eight, don’t care how much they mix up in their own way, but playing Chinese style here can only be abused by Er Bao. Zheng Yubo himself also said that all the foreign players who play American style may be Chris Merlin

After all, Zheng Yubo did make a lot of trouble in the final of the 2018 World Championships before he managed to clean up Meilin. But if I say that Merlin is here now, it’s nothing.

So in order to watch the next game, cousin had to recommend the organizers to make effective adjustments. First of all, American style players are not good. Can we invite those snooker players to play. Whether Selby and Robertson, who have played in several Chinese style competitions, can really threaten Zheng Yubo, or Joe Perry and Ryan day, who have excellent basic skills and are still participating in Chinese style competitions in recent years, are there any such people


If not, let’s change the rules. Let’s play a short game, play more games, and finally get a bigger score, so as to increase the chance. If not, I’ll play Chinese style with you, and you’ll play snooker or American style with me, right. If it doesn’t work, let’s let the foreign players who don’t take Chinese billiards as their main business play at the current level of Er Bao. Let’s let them play first.

In any case, the competition will be good-looking only when it comes back and forth. All the people who are invited are wrists. When they come all the way, they have to show us how beautiful we are. We are a big country and a country of etiquette. We still have to have a thorough way of Hospitality. Besides, the rules have been changed for you, but I can still win you in the end, and these two treasures will be stronger in the future, won’t they? I hope the third leg of Zheng Yubo’s Chinese billiards challenge will be more wonderful.

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