Snooker European Masters Robertson Yihei won his first career championship

Xingpai pool table. The 2018 World Snooker European Finals came to a successful conclusion. The “growth stock” Jimmy Robertson, who entered the ranking finals for the first time, clearly countered veteran Joe Perry after getting a happy start and won his career 9-6. He won the first championship in his career and successfully obtained the qualification certificate for the championship at the end of the year, and his world ranking will also rise to 26th.

The European Finals Championship prize was 75,000. 15 of the top 16 registered for the event. Ding Junhui became the only player to retire. However, before the start of the qualifying round, Rocket O’Sullivan suddenly retired from the table tennis game. Kim left-handed Williams He and the wizard Higgins also announced the retirement of table tennis before the race, plus Maguire and Murphy, who were eliminated in the qualifying rounds. In fact, only 10 people from the top 16 came to Lommer, the host of the race. Competition for competition.

Robertson, who reached the finals for the first time, got a happy start. After being stuck in a mistake, he still got 3 shots and 50+, leading veteran Perry with a huge 5-0 advantage. After the left back, Perry’s hand feeling gradually recovered. He seized the opportunity to apply the opponent’s mistakes to continue to overscore, pull 3 games in a row, and narrow the record difference to 3-5 before the end of the first stage.

In the second stage of the game, the two were fully fired 22 and entered the final struggle. In the 9th inning, Robertson and Perry scored 48 and 41 points in a single stroke, fighting each other to the color ball stage. Robertson continued to score super-hard green and pink balls to establish a victory, with a record of 6-3.

In the 10th game, Perry scored 56 points in a single stroke and then turned to defense after a poor K-ball. This was the first time he had a single stroke of 50+ in this tournament. But then Robertson gave his opponent a fatal blow, and the single-stroke 75 discriminator stage carried out a shocking reversal in average per game, and the famous runner’s advantage was once again extended to 7-3.

The outdated big score Perry gave it a go. He kept getting 106 points per shot and 110 points per shot. He added two more shots and 50+ to pull three games in a row, pushing the record to 6-7. In the crucial 14th inning, Robertson single shot 54 points and stable fighting spirit, 8-6 first to win championship points. In the 15th inning, Robertson, under work pressure, made the first shot of this tournament, 108 points per shot, and won his first career development championship with a total score of 9-6. In addition, he added 75,000 championship bonuses to profit.

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