Chinese billiards World Championships qualifying domestic group closes 26 players to advance to the main tournament list

On the evening of March 21, China, Shangrao and Yushan, the second round of the domestic group qualifying for the 2018 “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiard World Championships ended. The list of 26 players who advanced to the main tournament has also been produced.

Yu Haitao, who unexpectedly stopped the second round in the first game, broke out strongly in the second round, defeating Gu Meng 7-2 in the first round, defeating Guan Peng 7-4 in the second round, and capturing Wang Dashuang 7-3 in the third round. Yu Haitao and Lu Xin fought hard for 13 rounds, and finally completed the lore 7-6 and resolutely entered the race.

Junior player Zheng Xiaohuai was also unwilling to show weakness. In the first round, he faced Liaoning master Wen Tiejun, and Zheng Xiaohuai swept 7-0 to win. Faced with Jilin player Liu Xin in the second round, Zheng Xiaohuai still went on 7-3 without too much trouble. The only test appeared in the third round. In the duel with Liu Jian, a well-known player in Ningxia, the two were inseparable. In the end, Zheng Xiaohuai won with a slight advantage of 7-5 and easily won 7-2 in the qualifying round. Next and Zhao Ruliang’s young players competed into the race.

In other games, Wu Hao, Xiao Liu Chuangjingyao, Wang Xiaoqian and others succeeded in passing through the barriers. Yu Ting also struggled to reverse the lore to kill Hao Tian, ​​and several people got the race places as they wished; Wan Tongle also took the best 9th place. Qiu Paomou, who had a tragic reversal in the first round of the first game, lost again, losing 4-7 to Wang Peng and bid farewell to this World Championship.

In the women’s team competition, Inner Mongolia player Li Zhihui was in full state, 5-0 was bloodbathed by Jing Siya who could not be underestimated, and veteran Ren Qiuyue also had a good momentum. They defeated Liu Xiazhi 5-2, and the two joined hands to advance; Zhou Doudou lost to Wang Xiaotong and Wang Yingchao respectively and stopped there.

The first game: Men’s Division Zhang Guanghao, Zhao Yunbiao, Zhang Daowei, Wang Yun, Liu Yang, Liu Hai, Zhang Lei, Li Hewen, Liu Junyan; Women’s Division Wang Meiyu, Chen Xue, Gao Meng, Bai Ge.

Game 2: Men’s Division: Jing Yao, Zheng Xiaohuai, Wu Hao, Yu Ting, Xiao Liu Chuang, Wang Xiaoqian, Wang Peng, Yu Haitao, Wan Tongle; Women’s Division: Li Zhihui, Ren Qiuyue, Wang Xiaotong, Wang Yingchao.

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