Zhou Yuelong was reversed in the China Championships and lost 5 consecutive games 2-5 defeat Murphy stopped the quarterfinals

On August 20th, the 2017 Snooker China Championship kicked off the quarter-final competition. In the afternoon, the teenager Zhou Yuelong was defeated by Sean Murphy with five consecutive victories under the 2-0 lead. Unfortunately, He stopped in the quarter-finals and failed to break through the best results in a large ranking tournament of his personal career.

After the Chinese teenager Zhou Yuelong defeated the Leicester clown Selby and the Spectacle Gould, he ushered in his opponent Magic Murphy in this round. The two have met in two consecutive British Championships before Murphy. Winning by a very disparity, Zhou Yuelong only won one game in a single limited time match. This matchup is the first matchup between the two sides this season.

The game started at two points. In the first round, Zhou Yuelong accurately pushed the red ball into the far top pocket and scored 23 points and interrupted. After the saw, Murphy scored 35 points and then made an offensive error to hand over the ball. After that, both sides got the opportunity to start but It failed to continue. Murphy took the lead and entered the clear ball stage when it hit 45-36. At this time, a green ball offensive error became a failure. Zhou Yuelong took over and won the first game 54-45.

In the second game, Murphy relied on a balloon to enter the game, but after scoring 34 points, he still had a bad position and interrupted the offense. After a few defensive contests, Zhou Yuelong shot 59 points in a single shot through the offensive from the far stage, but unfortunately the last side was left. Ku’s red ball did not get out of the ideal position and had to switch to defense. Zhou Yuelong forced his opponent to make a mistake with a snooker shot and then scored a red ball to complete the overscore. After Murphy struggled a little, the situation was unfavorable and he gave up and the score was rewritten. 2-0.

After a few shots in the third game, Murphy’s long bench offense was interrupted by 25 points. In the subsequent defense, Murphy placed the cue ball above the yellow ball to form a snooker. Zhou Yuelong took the ball and released the red ball. 41 points on a single shot to collect the red ball, but the green ball failed to exceed the point. Murphy took the ball and made a snooker shot. Zhou Yuelong solved the ball to the middle pocket and Murphy cleared the table. The reversal tied the score to 1-2.

In the fourth game, Murphy scored 55 points through the long platform in the opening stage, and then turned to defense. Murphy, who mastered the initiative, scored 36 points twice in the stalemate and won the game and tied the score to 2. -2 flat. After the inning break, it entered the fifth inning. After Murphy equalized the score, the state recovered. In the first half, he scored 38 points and interrupted twice. Zhou Yuelong then put the cue ball to the top bank with a high-quality defense and blocked it. After the red ball in the bottom pocket, Murphy resolutely scored the red ball near the pink ball point with a resolute shot and the cue ball was in a very good position. He scored another 31 points to win in a single shot and surpassed the score 3-2.

After the kick-off in the sixth inning, Zhou Yuelong tried to attack from a distance. The goal ball missed and stopped at the bottom pocket. Murphy scored 30 points and then the combined ball failed to attack the red bottom pocket. After entering the defensive battle, Zhou Yuelong was red. The thin-edge return of the ball resulted in too much bounce of the cue ball, which created a chance. After Murphy scored the red ball, the colored ball was more difficult and then switched to defense again. Zhou Yuelong returned the ball to the red ball in the middle of the bag. With the ball offensive opportunity, Murphy once again started to expand the score to 4-2 with 81-0 and got the match point.

In the seventh inning, Zhou Yuelong’s hand feeling dropped severely. He only played one red and one blue and interrupted the offense. Murphy then went into the bag with a wide-angle red ball and scored 26 points in his hand and turned to defense. After the two rounds, Zhou Yuelong showed a slightly impatient choice. After the difficult far-field straight putt offense, Murphy missed the chance to get a chance. Murphy once again hit a single stroke to clear the table. The score was fixed at 5-2, and Murphy advanced to the semifinals.

In another game at the same time, the captain Arist Carter played against veteran Fogol O’Brien, who had just gone through the last six hours of fierce battle and finally entered the final round. At the beginning of the game, Carter scored 112 points and won the second game to take a 2-0 lead. O’Brien scored 124 points in the third game and won the fourth game to tie the score and enter the second half. Carter won two consecutive 60+ shots to get the match point. In the seventh game, Carter won 75-31 and won the entire game 5-2. He will compete with Murphy for the final seat in the semifinals.

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