Chinese Billiards China Classic Li Hewen wins Meilin defeats fellow Yang Fan



On the second day of the Xingpai 2016 CBSA “Shengda Xinde” Cup Chinese Billiards China Classic, Chinese star Li Hewen defeated Merlin and lost to Shuangzhe teammate bald Yang Fan, failing to enter the quarterfinals.

The iconic character of Chinese billiards is Li Hewen. As the most influential player in China, Li Hewen will attract many fans wherever he goes. I wanted to win the world doubles championship with Fu Jianbo that year, but did not become famous overnight like Ding Junhui or Pan Xiaoting, and became a well-known star player. But in the hearts of fans who really like Chinese billiards, Li Hewen’s name is not inferior to Ding Junhui.

In the China Classic, Li Hewen faced Gao Song from Jilin in the first round and successfully cleared 9:3, ushering in the most difficult second round. Merlin from the United Kingdom, Merlin defeated the runner-up of the World Championships also from the United Kingdom in the first round. You. As everyone who is familiar with Li Hewen is saying, Hewen is fine against foreigners. Merlin had the upper hand in momentum at the start of 3:0, but unfortunately his opponent was Li Hewen, and then he entered Li Hewen’s performance time. The amazing performance of 4 explosions and 4 clears nailed the opponent to the chair. 9: 4. Li Hewen sent Merlin back to his hometown, and there was no suspense throughout the game.

In the 16-in-8 match, Li Hewen seemed to have exhausted his “fighting spirit” against the bald Yang Fan who belonged to the same company. Yang Fan led 3:0 at the opening. The slow-heating Li Hewen barely caught up to a 7:7 tie. Bald-headed Yang Fan caught a mistake from Big Brother Li and went on to win 4 sets in a row. In the last set, Yang Fan called the black ball and made a mistake. He hung himself up and needed a jump to score the black eight. Yang Fan came naturally. Li Hewen’s pole barrel, picked up Li Hewen’s jump shot and scored the black eight, fixed the score at 11:7, and eliminated Li Hewen. The bright smiles of the two after the game showed that the relationship between the two was extraordinary. Even when Yang Fan was ready to put the jumping pole into his pole bag, Li Hewen smiled and reminded him: “My jumping pole…”

In the quarter-finals match, bald Yang Fan will face the national team player Chu Bingjie. The swing method adopted in this game is to use a triangle frame, whoever drives the swing, and rushes the ball in turns. For Yang Fan, who has a significant advantage in rushing the ball with volleyball paper, this obviously reduces his greatest advantage in the first shot of each set. Whether Yang Fan, who has been unable to win the CBSA competition, can make the championship this time depends on Yang Fan’s performance tomorrow.

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