Xingpai Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Liaoning Qualifying Tournament Top 16 List Released

On August 10th, Beijing time, the first day of the 2013 CBSA Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Liaoning Station has ended. After fierce competition and brutal elimination, the 82 players who participated this morning now only have the last 16 generals.

The teenager Zhang Guanghao, who is famous all over the country for his bombing, accidentally lost to his opponent Dong Yi 4-7, but unfortunately stopped in the top 32. Zhang Guanghao’s master and veteran Shi Xin also competed with his apprentices and defeated his opponent Zhang Xu by an absolute advantage of 7 to 3, and continued to participate in the championship competition tomorrow. The local Panjin player participating in this competition is now only Zhang Bo. Looking forward to your performance tomorrow.

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