The top 8 of the 2017 Snooker Championship was born, the Chinese army was annihilated

With the stop of Chinese teenager Lu Haotian and the thrilling pass of O’Sullivan, the top 8 list of the 2017 Snooker Championship was finalized.

In this year’s British Championships, a total of 23 people from the Chinese Legion signed up. It is a pity that Ding Junhui was out of the game in the first round, and then Fu Jiajun, Liang Wenbo, Yan Bingtao and other very capable players also lost their opponents. The three Chinese players who fought to the fourth round of the British Championships first hit the top 8 of the second big match, but in the end Li Xing lost 5-6 to Ryan Day, Xiao Guodong lost 4-6 to Gould, and Lu Haotian lost 4-6. To Joyce, the Chinese army all left.

The top eight of O’Sullivan, the top favorite, is full of thrills. His opponent is the world ranked 84th Thai player Song Sawar. At the beginning of the game, Song Sawar made a good start 2-0. In the next two games, O’Sullivan adjusted in time, scoring 121 points and 98 points in a single stroke to tie the score to 2. After returning from a break, Song Shava made another effort, winning two games in a row and the score came to 4-2. O’Sullivan then stabilized the situation, winning the seventh game 60-9 and winning the eighth game 80-42, tying the score again. In the ninth game, Song Shava scored 128 points and got the match point 5-4. In the tenth game, O’Sullivan narrowly won 66-54, bringing the game to a deciding game. In the decisive game, both sides played very cautiously. In the end, O’Sullivan defeated Song Shava 76-29 and broke into the quarterfinals.

2017 Snooker Championship Top 8 match information is as follows:

21:00 on December 8th O’Sullivan VS Gould Maguire VS Joe Perry

December 9th at 03:00 Murphy VS Mark-King Ryan Day VS Joyce

The strength of the players who can continue to stay on the field cannot be underestimated. The matchup between the strong and the strong will make the game more intense. I look forward to their wonderful performance!

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