Snooker European series turned out, season total prize money 15 million pounds

In September 2019, the global snooker official announced a game information. The betting company’BetVictor’ will sponsor the European Championship, the French Championship, the Single-Limited Time Tournament and the San Marino League in the new season. The left and right 4 events will be It constitutes a newly upgraded “European Championship” in which the football player with the largest points will receive an additional bonus of 150,000.

Following the successful creation of the’Local Championship’ and the’Corla Cup Championship’, the global snooker pool has integrated 4 ranking tournaments into a brand new and upgraded tournament event in the new season-the’European Championship’, which is powered by spinach The company’BetVictor’ unified title sponsorship.

European Championship’ contains

European Championship 2020, January 20-26, Italy

2020 French Championship, January 29-February 2, Berlin, Germany

2020 Single Limited Time Tournament, February 20-3, Watford, USA

2020 San Marino League, March 13-15, San Marino

‘European Championship’ will produce a unique ranking list, and the contestant with the most points in the 4 races will receive an additional 150,000 bonus. In addition, the rewards of the three events have often been relatively improved. The European Championship’s overall championship rewards have risen from 75,000 euros to 80,000 euros, and the single-limited time championships have increased from 32,000 to 16,000 euros. 50,000/20,000 Euros, the San Marino League Championship rose from 25,000/12,000 Euros to 50,000/20,000 Euros.

This additional bonus increase has prompted the total amount of bonuses for the 2019/20 season of snooker to exceed 14.641 million. Barry Hearn, the current chairman of global snooker billiards, said: “Each game itself is brilliant, but the application of Betvictor has brought everything to a new level and integrated them into a unique tournament event. I look forward to seeing some football players who have the opportunity to get an additional bonus of more than 150,000 yuan to enter the finals of the San Marino League… For football players, it is an additional encouragement, they also There is an opportunity to increase the award in a dramatic way.”

In recent years, global snooker has achieved outstanding results in creating championships. ‘Local Championship’ (England League, Northern Ireland League, English League, Welsh League) is about to usher in its 4th year. The game will be produced by European Sports Live, and won the title of’’ in the season. Sponsored, football players who won 4 events will receive a high reward of 1 million. The’Coral Championship’ (Global Challenge, Football Player Open, Touring Open) was established during the season, and the US single TV program ITV produced an excellent live broadcast. The largest football player in the three competitions can also receive 150,000 rewards. gold.

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