On the second day of the Chinese billiards ranking match, Li Hewen zeroed out his opponent and Wang Yan reversed to advance.

On May 24th, Beijing time, the 2012 “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament ended the second day of competition at the Gaogu Billiards Club in Zhengzhou. The men’s team finished the second round, and many famous players including Wang Yan, Li Hewen and Chen Qiang successfully broke into the top 16.

In the first half of the afternoon match, Hebei Qualifying Champion Zhou Quan played against the famous Chen Qiang. In the match, both sides played very well and the game progressed quite quickly. After 3 to 3, Chen Qiang won three consecutive rounds 6-3, which was also the first game to end. In another game, Li Hewen played against Li Yong, who eliminated Qiu Paomou yesterday. Li Hewen basically dominated the entire game. After a 3-0 lead, he became more brave in Vietnam and eventually swept his opponent 6-0 to advance strongly. Xi Hongyu also defeated Enze 6-0 with a big score to advance to the top 16. Qiao Fengwei finally defeated Shi Xin with a 6-4 reversal under the circumstances of an unfavorable start. The other four players who advanced in the afternoon were Chao Lumen, Zhang Jin, Li Hui and Yu Ting.

In the evening game, the famous general Wang Yan encountered a strong challenge from Harbin player Zhao Haitao. Zhao Haitao made a perfect start to the game. The 3-0 score put Wang Yan in a passive situation for a time. However, in the subsequent game, Wang Yan began to counterattack. After completing a one-shot clearance, the opponent’s rush game did not pocket the ball, and Wang Yan took advantage of the situation to tie the score 3 to 3. After Zhao Haitao won two more games, he took the lead to get the match point 5-3, and Wang Yan quickly recovered one point. In the critical 10th game, Wang Yan made a mistake with the No. 8 ball, but the leading Zhao Haitao also made a mistake on a not-so-difficult bottom bag attack, and the game entered a decisive round. The experienced Wang Yan stabilized his mentality in the decisive game and finally won, advancing to the top 16 in a thrilling manner. Zhao Haitao, who regretted to be out, said when he mentioned the key mistake that he was too relaxed at the time, resulting in the simple ball not hitting, but he did have some super-level performance today. Although he regretted losing, he will continue to participate in the rankings. He also said that for this table, he is still more comfortable with the regular table, but after playing the main table, he feels that the aim point of the “Dragon Walking World” is particularly accurate and the playing feel is also very good.

After Chinese Dutch star Xie Huijie swept his opponent 5-0 yesterday, he encountered the top-ranked White Dragon of Hebei Province today. After taking the lead in getting one point, Xie Huijie was completely suppressed by his opponents and finally lost 2-6 and missed the top 16. After a stalemate game, Wang Peng narrowly defeated Chen Lei 6-5 to advance. Wang Xiaoqian also unfortunately lost to Zhang Bo 3-6. The other four players who advanced in the evening were Zhao Hongyi, Liu Chuang, Liu Jian and Shi Hanqing.

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