Billiards Spring Festival Gala “Auspicious Clouds” as Companion The Women’s Nine-Ball Competition is broadcast on CCTV

Billiards will accompany you through the New Year! The 8th CCTV Lunar New Year Cup World Women’s Nine Ball Championship will be broadcast on CCTV Sports Channel from 20:20-22:55 on the first and second nights of the new year.

This year’s Lunar New Year Cup takes the form of a team competition. In 2019, Chen Siming, who has won consecutive victories, and Liu Shasha, the three-time Women’s 9-Ball World Championships champion, formed the world championship team. The 24-year-old Belarusian beautiful girl Margarita Fefilava and the 15-year-old Chinese teenager Zhang Muyan formed a transnational youth partner. Fefilava has been training with the 9-ball national team since 2019, and Zhang Muyan has made rapid progress in both 9-ball and Chinese billiards. The international referee Zhu Ying and the national referee Army served as referees.


As in previous years, in addition to competitions, this year’s Lunar New Year Cup also has talent displays. Chen Siming and Zhang Muyan showed their voices and brought songs including “Initial Dream”, “Slowly Like You”, “My Motherland and Me”, “Father” and other songs; Liu Shasha and Feifei Lava each contributed a sexy and hot Dance.

This is the second consecutive year that Wuhou District of Chengdu has hosted the CCTV Lunar New Year Cup. Wuhou District is located in the southwest of the central city of Chengdu. It is named after the well-known Wuhou Temple in the area. It is an important window for Chengdu’s foreign economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges. Wuhou District has a profound cultural background and beautiful scenery. It gathers excellent historical cultures such as the Three Kingdoms culture, poetry and bamboo elegance, the vicissitudes of the Silk Road, and the prosperity of Shu brocade. The Wuhou Temple records the life of Zhuge Liang, the first person in the ages, who ruled Han and prospered Shu and made great efforts. . The scenery of Wangjianglou Park is beautiful, and the famous poetess Xue Tao’s Xue Tao’s paper and woodblock watermarks have been handed down to this day. The early buildings of Huaxiba, a beautiful combination of Chinese and Western styles, have witnessed the century-old history and glory of the Southwest Medical Center.

This competition is hosted by the Sports Youth Program Center of China Central Radio and Television and the China Billiards Association; China Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd., Chengdu Wuhou District People’s Government; China Sports University Health Sports Culture Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Wuhou Industrial Development Co-organized by Investment Management Group Co., Ltd.


The designated table for this competition is the Xingpai XW130-9B “Xiangyun” billiard table. This table has withstood the test of 9-ball China Open and Women’s 9-ball World Championships, and the quality is absolutely unmatched.

Red is a festive color, and auspicious clouds are auspicious clouds. The red auspicious clouds perfectly fit the atmosphere of the New Year. Watching billiards and celebrating the New Year, I wish you good luck again and again!

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