The first day of the Shanghai Masters: Liang Wenbo and Zhou Yuelong offer to break Baiyu Delu to advance

News from the official website of the China Billiards Association With the unveiling of the new trophy, the World Snooker Shanghai Masters will begin on November 13, 2017. In 23 games in three periods on the 13th, a total of 11 Chinese players appeared. Among them, Liang Wenbo who competed in the qualifying round, Zhou Yuelong and Yu Delu who played in the first round defeated their opponents and successfully advanced.

This year is the eleventh year of the Shanghai Masters. In the past ten years, Dominic Dell, Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins and others have all stood on the highest podium. Last year, Ding Junhui defeated Mark Selby in the final and won his second Shanghai Masters trophy. He also became the first and only double champion in this event. Regrettably, affected by eye diseases this year, Ding Junhui announced his retirement and failed to complete his defending battle.

At 9:30 in the morning, four Chinese players who have won wild cards took the lead. Zhang Jiankang, who won the wild card by virtue of the CBSA China Youth League rankings, faced Billy Castle today. In this game, Zhang Jiankang was completely suppressed by his opponents. In the 7 games played by the two sides, the teenager was blocked by his opponent three times. The final score was fixed at 2-5 and Zhang Jiankang was out. The opponent of Li Zhen, who also won the wild card by virtue of the Zhongqing ranking, is Sichuan famous player Chen Feilong. In this match, the two players contained each other and scored very fragmented. The match did not end until the next time the game started. Chen Feilong 5 -3 Eliminate opponents to advance.

Another wild card holder, Ma Chunmao, faced Iranian player Sohail Wahdi who has just entered the professional game for a year. At the end of halftime, Ma Chunmao trailed his opponent 1-3. In the fifth game, Ma Chunmao narrowly defeated his opponent with a score of 53-52, and won his second game in this game. His performance also ended, Ma Chunmao wild card game. Out.

At the same time, Yan Bingtao and Yu Delu also played on the field. Yan Bingtao, who had just outstanding performance in the National Championships, lost to Mark Allen in the semifinals. Only a few days later, the two players met again in the first round of the Shanghai Masters. In this game, Mark Allen took an overwhelming advantage with 102 points to cut Yan Bingtao’s promotion road with a score of 5-1. In a fierce piecemeal battle, Mr. 147 of China defeated the 2007 Shanghai Masters runner-up Ryan Dai 5-4 in Delu and continued to move forward.

In the afternoon, Liang Wenbo appeared on stage 1. In the qualifying competition with Rod Lawler, Liang Wenbo scored 125 points on a single stroke, and finally defeated the veteran 5-2 and entered the main match. Wang Yuchen’s opponent in the first round was the “Golden Left” Mark Williams of the 75 Three Masters. Facing the experienced former World Championship champion, Wang Yuchen was unable to parry. After being blocked by his opponent for two consecutive games, Wang Yuchen lost 1-5 to his opponent. Stopped the first round.

Junior Zhou Yuelong scored 110 points in a single stroke in the sixth game in today’s game, and then won the game with 57 points in a single stroke in the seventh game and took the lead in the match point. However, in the eighth inning, opponent Shadarin Chen returned with 108 points and dragged the game into the final game. After intense and fierce competition, at the critical moment, Zhou Yuelong was steadily winning, 5-4 lore and a thrilling pass.

Because Ding Junhui retired, his qualifier opponent, compatriot Mexiwen, directly advanced, so he does not need to appear on the field today. In the evening game, Xiao Guodong, Lu Haotian and Chen Feilong, who had won the wild card match, faced their opponents. Xiao Guodong lost 3-5 in the first round to Graeme Dort, who scored 137 points in a single shot in the game. Chen Feilong, who experienced a one-day double match, lost to Stuart Carrington with the same score. In the final game that ended in the evening, Lu Haotian struggled with his opponent Milkins to the decisive game after falling behind, but unfortunately, at the last moment, Milkins won by one shot and ended the game.

According to the schedule, tomorrow, Fu Jiajun, Cao Yupeng, Yuan Sijun and other Chinese players will appear in the arena. In addition, Trump, Carter and others will also play in the Shanghai Masters.

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