The Zhejiang sub-station of the National Ranking Tournament ended successfully, and the Chinese billiards will be better tomorrow

On November 11th, the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Zhejiang Branch, co-sponsored by the China Billiards Association and Hangzhou Sports Bureau and jointly hosted by Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Billiards Association, ended successfully in Hangzhou. Chen Qiang and Han Yu won the men’s and women’s championships and received the highest championship prize in the history of Chinese billiards.

A total of 126 players participated in this competition, including 62 women players. This is the largest number of participants in the history of Chinese billiards, and even surpassed the Women’s Nine-Ball World Championship. Among the many contestants, the proportion of young players is increasing, and their results are becoming more and more prominent, which has caused a great impact on the veterans and celebrities. This competition can be said to be a big victory for the young players and the top 16 men. Almost all young faces in China, this fully shows that Chinese billiards not only have successors, but also have many successors, which can be described as a bright future.

The bright future of Chinese billiards is also due to the fact that many of the players in this competition are snooker and nine-ball masters. In the reality that there are more and more Chinese-style billiards events and the specifications are getting higher and higher, many players play snooker and nine-ball. Professional players of the ball also began to participate in Chinese billiards competitions. Corning, a snooker player from Beijing, said: “I practice snooker. There are many people practicing snooker in China, but the competition is relatively small, and the scale and specifications cannot be compared with the Chinese billiards rankings, so I want to take part in this competition and have a try.”

Another sign of the bright future of Chinese billiards is that the national ranking competition has attracted the attention of more and more companies and even large international companies. This competition has received strong support from the international brand Audi, and the last stop in Liaoning. The competition was supported by Tsingtao Brewery. After the tentative sponsorship, the two large companies were very satisfied with the results and expressed their intention to continue in-depth cooperation in the future. Today, with the market economy dominated, there is an unwritten law: All sports that are favored by sponsors must be projects with bright prospects.

The bright future of Chinese billiards is also reflected in the strong support from the government: the Zhejiang sub-station of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament is co-sponsored by the China National Taiwan Association and Hangzhou Sports Bureau, and Hangzhou Billiards Association has also become one of the organizers. This is not only the success of the tournament. The guarantee also shows that the government attaches great importance to Chinese billiards.

The Zhejiang Station of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament was successfully concluded. Through the competition, we can really see that the spring of Chinese billiards has arrived, and tomorrow will be better.


Women’s Champion Han Yu


Men’s Champion Chen Qiang


From left: men’s runner-up Zheng Yubo, champion Chen Qiang, women’s champion Han Yu, runner-up Zhou Zining


Zhang Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Taiwan Association of China, presents the award to the female champion Han Yu


Cheng Ping, director of the Competition Center of Hangzhou Sports Bureau, presents awards to men’s runner-up Zheng Yubo


Mu Xien, chairman of Goli Billiard Cue Factory, presented the award to the runner-up Zheng Yubo


Zhao Rongfu, director of Hangzhou Sports Bureau, presented the award to champion Chen Qiang


Li Zaiyan, deputy general manager of Beijing Xingwei Company, awarded prizes to the champion


A group photo of the award-presenting guests and the men’s and women’s champions and runners-up

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