England’s O’Sullivan leads the 75th in the second round, Selby wins

The 2017 Snooker England Open ended the second match day. The number one star O’Sullivan didn’t have much trouble, 4-1 to beat China’s Zhang Anda and advance to the second round against Mark Davis. Williams also won Grace 4-1. With the addition of Higgins, who won the first day, the three bests of 75 have all advanced to the top of 64. In addition, the world’s No. 1 Selby narrowly beat Donaldson 4-3, and Robertson swept Casol 4-0.


On that day, O’Sullivan broke the routine with casual shoes due to foot discomfort. During the game, he was even obviously imbalanced, but Zhang Anda did not take advantage. O’Sullivan won the first game 85-9. In the second game, O’Sullivan scored 87 points with a beautiful single stroke and won the game.

In the third game, Zhang Anda 43-64 left the last three colored balls on the table to make snooker and failed. O’Sullivan went 75-43 and went to the next city. In less than an hour, the Rockets won the match point 3-0.

In the fourth game, Zhang Anda, who had often practiced with O’Sullivan, finally got better, avoiding the fate of a zero seal with 72 points in a single shot.

However, the good times did not last long, and Zhang Anda was quickly beaten back to his original form. In the fifth game, O’Sullivan continued to score after getting started and finished with 89 points in a single stroke. In the end, O’Sullivan easily defeated Zhang Anda 4-1 and advanced to the top 64 against Mark Davis.

Mark Williams didn’t have much trouble, beating David Grace 4-1. With the addition of Higgins, who was the first to advance on the first day of the match, all the 75 bests advanced to the second round.

Donaldson caused a lot of trouble for Selby. The young Scotsman scored 121 points on one stroke, plus two 50+ strokes, and the world No. 1 was driven to a desperate 3-2. At the crucial moment Selby showed the style of three-time world champions. After 124 points in a single stroke, the game was dragged into the decisive game and the victory was locked 67-23 and 4-3 passed the risk.

Robertson, who has been in a trough for the past year, showed a positive outlook on the day, sweeping England’s professional rookie Casol 4-0. In the second round, the Australian star will face Chinese player Li Xing.

Alberton lost 2-4 to Wollaston, Dortmund lost 1-4 to Tu Zhenlong, Dahdi 1-4 Green, and the three former world champions suffered a round trip.

Not long ago, the Belgian star Brechel, who won the ranking first in the Chinese Championships not long ago, was 4-1 Rick Ryan Day. In the second round, he was greeted by another Welsh star Mark Williams.

Three Thais made their way to the top 64, namely Wattana, the Thai king, Songsavat and Tachaya.

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