Li Weisong won the second championship of ranking competition in Nanjing

On January 18, the 2015 “Donghui · xingpai” cup Chinese billiards ranking competition came to a successful end, drawing a perfect end for the 2015 Star Chinese billiards ranking competition. Li Weisong won the championship, Chen Huqing came second, and Wang Yun and Ding Kai tied for the third place.

In the semi-final which took the lead in the afternoon, Li Weisong narrowly beat Wang Yun 9-7, Chen Huqing beat Ding Kai 9-2, and the two finally joined up in the final. It is worth mentioning that Wang Yun and Li Weisong’s two strong rivalries contributed to the audience’s wonderful Qingtai war – they had a total of 10 Qingtai battles, in which Wang Yun’s four followed by two blasts and Li Weisong’s one followed by three blasts. Although there are many clear Taiwan, but throughout the court, the two men’s mistakes are also more. Li Weisong was fouled three times by Wang Yunqing. Wang Yun’s mistake was even more fatal. When he fell behind 6-7 in the 14th inning, Wang Yun had a chance to clear Taiwan, but he didn’t make it when he hit the black eight, which made Li Weisong seize the opportunity to continue to expand his lead. Wang Yun also regretted his mistake. He practiced batting at the same position during the pause and scored. Pause back, Wang Yun clear, the score reduced to 7:8. However, in the crucial 16th inning, a dramatic scene appeared. In almost the same position as the 14th inning, Wang Yunji failed to score eight, and Li Weisong seized the opportunity to win the game. After the game, Li Weisong also felt sorry for Wang Yun when he discussed the game with him. Many netizens who watched the live broadcast of the game felt sorry for Wang Yun, but also said: “it’s too enjoyable! It’s a wonderful game

In the subsequent finals, Li Weisong continued to feel hot, with a 6-1 score into the pause. After a pause, Chen Huqing regained his hand feeling and recovered 5 points in a row, but he fell behind too much in the early stage. Finally, Li Weisong defeated Chen Huqing 11-7 and won the second championship of the 2015 Star Chinese billiards ranking competition.

Ms. Lu of Jiangsu Hengde Donghui investment group and sun Xiaojian, general manager of East China branch of Beijing Xingwei sporting goods Co., Ltd. presented prizes to the champion

He Kaikai and Zhang Chao, vice presidents of the Preparatory Committee of Nanjing billiards association, presented prizes to the runner up

Qiu Zige, chairman of Nanjing gezhibao billiards Culture Development Co., Ltd. and general manager of Nanjing night fashion billiards club, presented the award to the third runner up

Signature: Star billiards

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