Masters Ding Junhui advances to semi-finals and is about to face O’Sullivan

On the night of January 17th, the Xingpai pool table entered the second round of the 2018 Snooker Masters. “Rocket” O’Sulli Wenyezhu broke a hundred and six strokes with a score of 50+, a big score of 6-3 and entered the finals; then the Chinese general Ding Junhui and his enemy Brecher fought to the decisive game, and the final 6-5 fluke Promotion.

The first seven-time champion Ronnie O’Sullivan challenged Ryan Day, who is ranked 14th in the world, and had 7 previous encounters with each other. O’Sullivan had the advantage of 5 wins and 2 losses. In the first game, Ryan Day attacked the formation of the ball and left a chance. O’Sullivan continued to get 41 after the K ball failed to terminate the attack. In the next defensive confrontation, Ryan Day left an opportunity for the ball. O’Sullivan matched the situation and scored 68 points in a single shot to get the first game. The game was 1-0. In the second game, both made mistakes. In the change of defense, Ryan Day made a single 50+ shot twice, 85-36 equalized the situation to 1-1.

In the third game, O’Sullivan missed the blue ball and handed over the good situation to the enemy. Ryan Day won with 68 points and one shot, 69-10 kept catching up, and the game rushed to 2-1. In the fourth game, O’Sullivan seized the opportunity left by the enemy’s defense and scored 74 and 52 points in a single shot for 2 times. He sealed the enemy with a 130-0 single game and entered the midfield 2-2.

In the fifth game after the break, O’Sullivan had no chance to fight the Yuantai Red Number, but Ryan Day only scored 11 points and made a mistake, returning the excellent situation to O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan entered the industry with 119 points in a single stroke, scoring the 989th stroke of his career development and leading the game 3-2. In the sixth inning, O’Sullivan defensively leaked the ball, and Ryan Dai was down-to-earth, with 77 points on a single shot to tie the score to 3-3 again.

In the seventh inning, Ryan Day left a chance for a tee-off. O’Sullivan made a single-shot 65 and failed to hit the pink ball and ended the attack. In the subsequent change of defense, Ryan Dai Jiefei was penalized for no results, and then he was defeated. The situation was temporarily out of 3-4. In the eighth game, Ryan Day first got the entry and got 49 points on a single stroke and turned to defense. In the defensive confrontation, O’Sullivan seized the opportunity to make a big reversal with 78 points on a single stroke, and scored the match point 5-3 first. In the ninth game, O’Sullivan did not give the enemy any more chances. With 92 points in a single stroke, he was the first to occupy the semi-final seat.

The next “Our country’s first brother” Ding Junhui played against the future star of Denmark, Luka Brechel. The previous clashes with each other 4 times, Ding Junhui maintained a big victory. At the beginning, Ding Junhui made a mistake on the defensive end and sent out the opportunity. Brecher fought into the bottom pocket and made a 63-point final attack on a single shot. But Ding Junhui failed to seize the opportunity and Brecher, who entered again, made an over-point, 104 -12 to lead 1-0. In the second game, Brechel left a chance for the kick-off. Ding Junhui won the next game with a precise remote Taiwan red number entry, with a single shot of 125 points, 1-1.

In the third game of the defensive showdown, Ding Junhui missed a great opportunity. Brecher had 74 points on a single stroke, leading the enemy again with 83-24. In the fourth game, Brecher’s forced attack was fruitless. Ding Junhui lost the super-point red ball after getting 64. Brechel only scored 14 points and returned the opportunity to Ding Junhui. Then Ding Junhui, who started again, made an overscore and equalized the situation. To 2-2, the game entered midfield.

After a brief rest, in the fifth game, Ding Junhui first scored 4 points but missed the simple red number. Brechel resolutely attacked, YJ with 87 points on a single stroke, 3-2 temporarily leading. In the sixth game, Brecher’s defense made a mistake and sent out a good situation. Ding Junhui’s 45-point K ball was not good enough to switch to defense. In the subsequent change of defense, Brecher gave another opportunity, Ding Junhui won by over-point, and the situation rushed to 3-3.

In the seventh inning, Brecher continued to score 38 points and ended the attack. Then Ding Junhui accidentally encountered the cue ball while serving, and Brecher stumbled to lead 79-14 again, 4-3. In the eighth inning, Brecher’s offensive foul gave an opportunity. Ding Junhui broke through the 100 and tied the game with 105 points to 4-4. The race is getting hot.

In the ninth game, Ding Junhui attacked the Yuantai red number and missed it. Brecher scored only 16 points and went wrong. In the subsequent defensive confrontation, Ding Junhui failed to solve the problem three times when he could see the entire red number. The game was awarded a loss and Brecher won the match point 5-4 first. In the tenth inning, Brecher struggled for the red number to no avail. Ding Junhui scored 57 points on a single stroke twice and succeeded in 89-0 to drag the event into the decisive game.

In the deciding game, Ding Junhui left his pocket and left a chance. Brecher scored 16 points and went to the defense by mistake. In the subsequent change of defense, Brecher seized the opportunity to get started but made a fatal mistake, surrendering the good situation. Ding Junhui won with a 65-point overshoot in a single shot and beat Brechel 6-5 to make it to the finals.

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