Liu Jian recalls the development history of Chinese billiards

Liu Jian, who played in 1979 and participated in referee and event organization in 1984, has been one of the witnesses of the development of Chinese billiards for more than 20 years. In May 2012, the national Chinese billiards ranking competition was held in Zhengzhou. Liu Jian served as the Deputy referee of the competition. Liu Jian recalled the development history of Chinese billiards over the years, and made an evaluation of the national Chinese billiards ranking competition.

Liu Jian worked in Beijing’s National Palace in 1984, during which he experienced the birth of the first Chinese billiards table in China. “At that time, a manufacturer in Beijing wanted to make billiards tables, so he came to the national billiards room, borrowed the billiards table, and took 12 hours to dismantle and study it. However, in the later imitation process, the accessories of 9 billiards tables such as leather tube could not be found, so he could not imitate it To make a 9-Ball table, we can only make it according to the structure of snooker and the size of 9-Ball table. This is the rudiment of Chinese billiard table. ” Liu Jian recalled.

With a table, you need to formulate playing methods and rules. From the initial evolution based on kronqi to the Chinese billiards rules officially approved by the China billiards association this year, Liu Jian sighed a lot. “After the birth of the Chinese billiards table, the playing methods also spread from Beijing. The initial rules were mainly evolved from kronqi at that time, and combined with some American eight ball rules to form the Chinese billiards table Now this kind of one person first plays the flower ball, one person first plays the omni-color ball, finally plays the eighth ball. In the following 20 years, the rules of Chinese billiards have evolved four or five times. The rules of different places are various and there is no standard. Until 2012, under the leadership of the small ball sports management center and China billiards association, many veteran billiards players including me participated in the drafting of Chinese billiards rules. At present, the draft has been submitted and should be approved soon. Finally, there are unified rules for Chinese billiards. ”

Over the past 20 years, Chinese billiards has been developing continuously, and more and more competitions have followed. In Liu Jian’s opinion, the birth of the national Chinese billiards ranking competition has played an epoch-making role. “The earliest national competition was the national team competition in 1985, and all provinces sent teams to participate in it. At that time, the best developed places were Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. In the early stage, the competition was not very formal, so it can be ignored To say that this year’s national Chinese billiards ranking competition has epoch-making significance. This competition has 21 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities players to participate, more gratifying is that there are foreign players to participate, it can be said that the influence of Chinese billiards has reached a very high level

For the national Chinese billiards ranking competition, Liu Jian put forward his hope, “before there were a lot of people engaged in Chinese billiards competition, but now the national Chinese billiards ranking competition has been recognized by the small ball sports management center and China billiards association, with officially recognized points, rules and benchmarks. I hope that associations, athletes and other practitioners all over the country can respect it again The rules of the game, to carry out the game well

In the development of Chinese billiards, Liu Jian specially mentioned a name, that is “Star”. “I remember that in the first time, the Chinese billiards association had to compete all over the country, and the annual sponsorship cost was 500000 yuan. At that time, the star brand was just in its infancy, and its annual profit was only about 600000, which was not the largest among billiards enterprises. However, chairman Gan Lianfang showed his courage and directly offered 500000 yuan to sponsor the event. Since then, the star brand has been a powerful promoter of China’s Billiards market. ”

By sponsoring the event, star has been rewarded. Liu Jian said, “since then, star has also been rewarded. Star has been recognized by the official and all players, the market also ushered in a rapid development, all clubs are willing to use star platform. Up to now, the quality of star table is getting better and better. Snooker and 9 table have become the world competition platform, and star table has become a world famous brand worthy of its name. ”

In this national Chinese billiards ranking competition, star card has become the competition platform without any doubt, and has won unanimous praise. “In addition to the wonderful competition of athletes and media publicity, the equipment of the competition is also very important, so we have strict requirements for the competition platform. During the competition, I asked Li Hewen, Qiao Fengwei, Ma Zhiyu and Wang Yan about their feelings about the platform, he said They all told me that I felt very good and comfortable. Star brand snooker and 9 billiards have been recognized all over the world. I believe that with the development of Chinese billiards, star brand Chinese billiards will become a world-famous brand. ” Liu Jian said.

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