Masters Trump 3 blasted the 4th in the history of 100%, still can’t escape the bad luck of losing_snooker_snooker

On the third day of the Snooker Masters, the Champions League came to an end. The previous “evil door” trend continued. The defending Trump broke the 100 by 3 strokes, surpassing Robertson and became the fourth-best football player in history. However, he was still leading 3-2 and lost 4 games in a row. , I regret defeating Murphy. Higgins 6-0 Hawkins became the first high-ranking player to win.

Judd Trump 3-6 Sean Murphy

132(128-0), 0-76, 14-91(71), 116(116)-0, 119(119)-11, 47-81(77), 38-56(52), 57-64, 4-64

Trump vs. Murphy’s match is the top priority in the first round. The two are both top footballers born in the 1980s. It is one of the only two global championship duels in the first round, and the only “crown match” in the first round—that is, players who have gathered all the championships of the’three games’ Conversation between.

Trump’s situation was even stronger after the last game, and he scored 3 breaks and got a 3-2 lead. Among them, Trump’s 119 points in the 5th inning increased his number of breaks. To 678 strokes, surpassing Robertson, became the fourth-most player in history, second only to O’Sullivan, Higgins and Hendry. The situation of the event changed abruptly after the start of the 6th game. Trump’s mistakes increased significantly, while Murphy was down-to-earth and won 4 games in a row. Trump did not even make another 50+ during this period. In the end, Murphy will defend his title with a 6-3 game, instead of being eliminated.

This championship game launched 5 games soon, 5 high-ranking players (including 3 “Crown Football Players”) were eliminated, tying the championship record in the Alexandra Palace early (2015) In the first round, 5 high-ranking contestants lost miserably)……. If Wilson and Williams lose miserably in the next event, the elimination of the 7 high-ranking contestants will tie the record in 2011, side by side to become the coldest championship in history.

Robert Higgins 6-1 Barry Hawkins

71(57)-7, 77(53)-1, 74(74)-0, 54-32, 69-65(58), 27-101(101), 107(59)-16

Higgins and Hawkins played one of the two post-70s games in the first round. The record of the two people’s confrontation is very interesting. Short games such as the Champions League and PTC are deducted. Higgins has maintained a big victory against Hawkins 4 times in the ranking match, and Hawkins has maintained a big victory against Higgins 2 times in the Open. .

In the event, Higgins’s full performance was not satisfactory, but Hawkins’s touch was really cold. In the first 2 rounds, Hawkins made several defense errors, and will be sent to Higgins on the mobile phone. After half-time, Hawkins’ defense errors were reduced to a certain extent, but the attack errors after the entry began to show up again. Out, the half-time single-stroke score can only be 25 points, Higgins easily made 3 50+, leading 4-0.

Rested and returned, the two contestants frantically gave the enemy cakes, and Higgins got the match point with the accuracy of hitting the final black ball with an accuracy of 5-0. Then Hawkins scored a break 100 and saved a match point. Higgins scored a 50+ shot after several attempts in the seventh inning, ending the game 6-1. Higgins stepped on the brake pedal for the upset of this championship and became the first high-ranking contestant to be promoted to the top 8.


High-ranking players eliminated in the first round of the 2011 Championship (7 players): Selby 4-6 Gold, Murphy 3-6 Kopp, Williams 4-6 Ding Junhui, Higgins 4-6 Dot , Card holder 5-6 Alberton, O’Sullivan 4-7 Allen. In the end, Ding Junhui defeated Fu Jiajun 10-4 and won the gold medal.

High-ranking players eliminated in the first round of the 2015 Championship (5 people): Bingham 3-6 Fu Jiajun, Hawkins 1-6 Cardholder, Ding Junhui 3-6 Perry, Trump 4-6 Ma Kui Er, Selby 5-6 Murphy. In the end, Murphy beat Robertson 10-7 to win the championship.


January 15

21: 00, Karen Wilson VS Jack Lisowski

3:00, Mark Williams VS Stewart Bingham

January 16

21:00, Sean Murphy VS J. Perry

3:00, Ali Carter VS John Higgins

January 17

21: 00, Stephen Maguire VS D. Gilbert

3:00, Wilson/Lisowski VS Williams/Bingham

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