Fu Xiaofang Changzhi presents awards to the amateur competition, the world champion airborne fans are enthusiastic

In the scorching heat of July, in order to enrich the recreational activities of the masses, show the people’s uplifting lifestyle, enhance physical fitness, and enhance friendship and exchanges, Changzhi Mayor Steel Passion Baidu Billiards Club was held from July 7th to 8th. The first Billiards Open in 2012. Xingpai gave strong support to this game, specially invited Xingpai signed player and world billiard champion Fu Xiaofang to present the awards and gave a wonderful performance. Lu Zhanzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Changzhi Suburban District Committee, attended the award ceremony.

The first 2012 Billiards Open, co-sponsored by Changzhi Passion Baidu Billiards Club and Beijing Xingwei Sports Goods Co., Ltd., and hosted by the Billiards Association of Changzhi Sports Bureau, has attracted the attention and participation of many billiard fans since it started on July 7. It is reported that on the day of the individual Chinese billiards competition, a total of 64 promoted players competed for the “Sixteen”. After selection and fierce fighting, Gao Zhigang, Qin Wenjie, Yao Fei and Han Yunfei entered the semi-finals. Gao Zhigang not only conquered the audience with his outstanding skills and calm style, he also won the first place in the game as he wished. Qin Wenjie, Yao Fei and Han Yunfei ranked second, third and fourth respectively.

The game progressed to the final stage, and the world billiard champion Fu Xiaofang’s “airborne” made the audience excited. A fan excitedly said: “I can’t believe it, I saw the real world champion today!” And the beautiful and generous Fu Xiaofang did not show the “sense of distance” that the world champion should have in his interaction with the audience. On the contrary, he talked with the audience and reporters on the spot, showing an extremely friendly side. She said that she loves billiards. It is billiards that gave her confidence and changed her life. This is a career worth pursuing in her life. When talking about the impression of Changzhi, she said with a smile that this is the first time in her life that she has come to Changzhi. She really likes this city adjacent to her hometown. She hopes that Changzhi will become more beautiful and the lives of Changzhi people will get better and better. If there is a chance, I hope I can come next time.

After presenting awards to the winners, Fu Xiaofang also staged a wonderful exhibition match with them, which made the fans on the spot hooked. Qin Wenjie, who won the right to challenge all the way through the barrier, played super-level and won the game with the world champion. In an interview with reporters after the game, he said that he did not expect that he could defeat Fu Xiaofang, probably because he had a very good mentality and did not think about the result of the game, but just focused on competing with the masters. He also expressed that he cherishes this rare learning opportunity very much, and hopes that more competitions like this can be held in the future, and he will come to participate in that time.

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